I have to admit that I’ve dropped my phone a number of times and it always seems to right down our basement steps. Our side door goes right down into our basement or up three steps into our kitchen. Whenever I’m in a rush to get out of the house I’m pulling on my coat, grabbing my purse, fumbling for my keys…and down goes my phone.

Klunk, klunk, klunk.

Right down those three steps.

Thankfully it doesn’t fall all the way into the basement, but every time I drop it I feel like I’m watching it in slow motion as it flips and spirals through the air smashing on to each and every step. My heart pounds in my ears and my stomach drops as I bend down to pick it up.

I’ve been very, very lucky and I haven’t broken it yet. My mom on the other hand is another story.

Broken iPhoneShe got her iPhone just over a year ago and she’s broken it 3 times already! 3! And not just a little broken. She’s chipped and scratched it. She’s shattered the glass. She even had it fall so a corner of the glass broke off & you could actually see the parts inside the phone.

My mom is really not clumsy or absent-minded. It took me awhile to figure out why she kept dropping it so much and causing it so much damage.

Finally, one time when I was visiting I picked up her phone and couldn’t believe how slick her phone case was. It was no wonder she was dropping it all the time, it practically flew out of my hands when I went to pick it up. Remember when you were little and you’d grease the bottom of your sled so you could go down the hill faster? That’s what her phone case felt like!

Dave also noticed that the case didn’t wrap around the edges of the phone. So every time she dropped it, it landed smack on the glass which would take all of the impact and break.

That’s why I was excited recently to learn about Otterbox iPhone cases. While the Prefix, Reflex, and Commuter series of cases all look fantastic, I would love to get her one of the Defender Series cases. This series is one of Otterbox’s most popular and I like that it has 3 layers of protection.

OtterboxThe plastic interior shell cushions the phone while the built in screen shield protects the glass. There is also an outer rubber slipcover that fits snugly around the plastic shell giving you a good grip on the phone. It also comes with a holster for your belt and a kickstand for easy viewing.

I also like that there are a variety of colors and designs available as well. The case she had was very cute but not practical. A new Otterbox iPhone case can still be cute and be very practical, durable, and protective as well.

What about you? Have you ever dropped your phone?

Products and compensation were provided. The honest opinions are my own. Broken iPhone photo credit: scribbletaylor via photopin cc