How Many Times Have You Dropped Your Phone?

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I have to admit that I’ve dropped my phone a number of times and it always seems to right down our basement steps. Our side door goes right down into our basement or up three steps into our kitchen. Whenever I’m in a rush to get out of the house I’m pulling on my coat, grabbing my purse, fumbling for my keys…and down goes my phone.

Klunk, klunk, klunk.

Right down those three steps.

Thankfully it doesn’t fall all the way into the basement, but every time I drop it I feel like I’m watching it in slow motion as it flips and spirals through the air smashing on to each and every step. My heart pounds in my ears and my stomach drops as I bend down to pick it up.

I’ve been very, very lucky and I haven’t broken it yet. My mom on the other hand is another story.

Broken iPhone She got her iPhone just over a year ago and she’s broken it 3 times already! 3! And not just a little broken. She’s chipped and scratched it. She’s shattered the glass. She even had it fall so a corner of the glass broke off & you could actually see the parts inside the phone.

My mom is really not clumsy or absent-minded. It took me awhile to figure out why she kept dropping it so much and causing it so much damage.

Finally, one time when I was visiting I picked up her phone and couldn’t believe how slick her phone case was. It was no wonder she was dropping it all the time, it practically flew out of my hands when I went to pick it up. Remember when you were little and you’d grease the bottom of your sled so you could go down the hill faster? That’s what her phone case felt like!

Dave also noticed that the case didn’t wrap around the edges of the phone. So every time she dropped it, it landed smack on the glass which would take all of the impact and break.

That’s why I was excited recently to learn about Otterbox iPhone cases. While the Prefix, Reflex, and Commuter series of cases all look fantastic, I would love to get her one of the Defender Series cases. This series is one of Otterbox’s most popular and I like that it has 3 layers of protection.

Otterbox The plastic interior shell cushions the phone while the built in screen shield protects the glass. There is also an outer rubber slipcover that fits snugly around the plastic shell giving you a good grip on the phone. It also comes with a holster for your belt and a kickstand for easy viewing.

I also like that there are a variety of colors and designs available as well. The case she had was very cute but not practical. A new Otterbox iPhone case can still be cute and be very practical, durable, and protective as well.

What about you? Have you ever dropped your phone?

Products and compensation were provided. The honest opinions are my own. Broken iPhone photo credit: scribbletaylor via photopin cc

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  1. My son is terrible about dropping his …he finally got an otterbox case and loves it …and i’m happy not to have to replace more phones.

  2. Jennifer I says:

    I’ve dropped my phone countless time but I’ve been lucky so far… no cracks!

  3. just a few

  4. So far have avoided dropping my phone with any real damage. Didn’t know Otterbox cases could be so cute though!

  5. Michelle Washburn says:

    This article is so me! Time for an Otterbox case!

  6. Luckily mine has only landed on carpet, but it’s only as matter of time.

  7. yep! broke! my problem is I don’t like the camera with my case. I need to work on this! :)

  8. iDrop my iPhone all the time, this sounds great

  9. Otterbox is my next purchase! I just dropped my phone down our stairs and shattered the glass.

  10. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I drop my phone all the time lol, I didn’t know otterbox came in pretty designs, thanks for posting!

  11. Alison Matalanis says:

    I’ve dropped my phone a number of times, but I also am one of the few people without a smart phone so I’m ok. I’m scared to get an iPhone for this reason…

  12. I am a total clutz with my phone. I had an Otterbox for my last phone, but it cracked and my phone broke. I think I just need to learn not to have butterfingers!

  13. 2 or 3 times.. so far lol

  14. Michelle S says:

    Gorgeous case! I drop mine allllll the time and I know I should get a case for it since my phone is expensive, and I’ve cracked it already…but sigh. I also happen to imitate those memes where the person is laying on bed on their phone and they drop it on their face haha, but my face doesn’t crack my screen.

  15. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Ive dropped it a few times but luckily it never broke!

  16. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am not that prone to phone-dropping…still, the Otterbox iPhone case and 3 layers of protection sound like a great idea!

  17. Christina Kelbel says:

    I have never broken mine but have dropped a couple times.

  18. they are nice but they dont have one for my phone.

  19. I have an OTTERBOX case so my phone is protected ! My hubby got me the defender series to protect our investment ! i love it

  20. Is that a rhetorical question? Not more than once a week, but it’s a sturdy little regular cell phone and bounces well.

  21. My kids have dropped my phone 100 times, interesingly I have dropped my phone 1000 times. I have thought about the otterbox, however I almost feel it is more daring to chance it!!

  22. Christopher Sorel says:

    I tried otterbox but broke it as well. aRGh

  23. Betty Baez says:

    i love otterbox hubby has a defender series one for his samsung galaxy siii, he’s bad with phones he usually beats them up soo bad. ive watched him drop his phone with this case and nothing happens. I dont have the problem of dropping my phone i have a problem with losing it lol

  24. I don’t have an Otterbox (yet), but I keep hearing good things about their cases. I don’t carry my phone in my hands a lot, so I’ve been lucky (knock on wood), but I still love the great range of designs Otterbox offers.

  25. I dropped it in the toilet once and on the floor many times

  26. Well, I don’t have an iPhone, but I’ve dropped my old Windows Phone at least a hundred times, no extra protection used. It’s a monster.

  27. Maria Malaveci says:

    Too many times to count….. Once I dropped it the first day I had it on our concrete driveway. The otterbox would be great to have!

  28. Many of times, that is why I went to the G’zOne. I’ve jumped in the pool with it in my pocket a few time also, the phone is almost indestructable. I could probably make a call from under water. My wife on the other hand could really use a case like this, thanks for the review.

  29. Tami Vollenweider says:

    Oh! Yes plenty of times,wish I had ottterbox for my phone

  30. I’m pretty careful when it comes to my phone. I do have an otterbox cover on it because my grandson likes to play with it.

  31. Evelyn Goettner says:

    I as well have heard many great things about otter box cases. I can’t tell you how many times my teenage girls have broken there phones. Way too many! I need to get them a case.

  32. I’ve heard a ton of great things about otterbox. I wish they made those from Androids though!

  33. saminder gumer says:

    i do drop my phone quite a bit but do not have an otterbox case on it. i have heard good things about the cases and may have to get on before my phone does break.

  34. Honestly, my dropping of phones is what prevented me from getting an iPhone. I know that much of their casing is made of glass and that really deterred me. I have a Windows Phone and it works great and I have dropped it several times

  35. Otterbox is the ONLY way to go!! I know…I’ve shattered my iphone screen multiples times!

  36. Otterboxes are one of the best phone covers out there, but man they can be PRICEY! Its worth the protection though. Got my wife one & I cant believe the abuse she put her iphone through while it was in there. She works at a bakery & I still dont know how she got sugar in the case.

  37. My phone gets dropped somewhat regularly, but I too have been lucky. My case is pretty good for my phone, it’s rubbery and not slippery at all. My boyfriend had an otterbox for his phone, but it broke!

  38. I’ve dropped my phone a bit, but I’ve been very fortunate that other than some case scratches nothing worse has happened…yet!

  39. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I’ve Dropped My Phone So Many Times I Can;t Even Count !

  40. I haven’t but I also have an Otter Box!!!

  41. This looks like a great way to keep your phone safe.

  42. Knock on wood, I haven’t ever dropped my phone! My husband on the other hand….Way too many times!

  43. When I saw the photo of the phone I just thought “Oh no!!!” I love my Otter Box case too. Keeps my phone nice and safe because I do have some drops!

  44. Our phones are protected with Otterbox and they are worth every penny spent on the same!

  45. I don’t go anywhere with out my Otter Box on my phone! I would be the one to drop it and have it break into a million piece. I did drop it once and have it kinda roll/slide under my car. My first thought was “Thank God for the Otter Box!” My kids also use it and they are SO clumsy. I got my money out of an otterbox 100X’s over!

  46. courtney b says:

    more then i can count!!!!! and my ipad!

  47. Jennifer Clay says:

    My sister is bad for dropping her phone and breaking it!

  48. Marcia Goss says:

    Oh, sure, I’ve dropped my phone many times, but never broken it. My husband, however, dropped his in a lake when he went fishing last year. We tried to dry it out, but no luck!

  49. I’ve dropped mine twice this week, but thankfully it’s okay. I really need to get a good case for it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  50. I have dropped my Galaxy SII more times than I should, luckily without a protective case, I have never broke the screen yet. Some day I’m sure I’ll get cracked but refuse to buy a case now as I am getting the SIII soon!

  51. Daily I drop my phone! When I had a bb it was in a rubber case so that it could bounce. I have an android now….does this company make android cases too??

  52. Yes… I’ve dropped my phone on the concrete, in toilets, at amusement parks, etc. It’s horrible! I need to see if Otterbox makes a case for my phone.

  53. I’ve heard great things about Otter Boxes, really wonderful! I remember dropping my cell phone a few years ago and the screen cracked.. what a nightmare! Thanks for sharing!

  54. I drop my phone way more than I care to admitt. thankfully it’s a cheapo. but seriously! I want to get an iPhone as soon as my phone company lets me upgrade plans. When I do, I am Definitely getting an otterbox! My neice and Sister have one on their phone and they are absolutely AMAZING!

  55. Every single day! These cases are awesome. My husband has one.

  56. UGH! I drop my phone all the time! And then the back goes flying and the battery falls out…it’s a mess!

  57. I haven’t dropped my phone at all, but my son and my husband have multiple times. Otter cases really are some of the best.

  58. I think we should win an award at our house for how many times we have dropped and broken electronics! LOL I should definitely look into getting cases for everything we own!!!

  59. I ONLY use Otterbox cases. I have the defender series and my husband has the commuter series.

  60. I’ve heard so many good things about those Otterbox cases! I wish I had an iPhone!!

  61. When I first got my iPhone my husband and I both agreed that I needed to get the otter box defender because my 4 year old loves using my phones. I cannot tell you how much a lifesaver the otter box defender is. My phone had been drop on the kitchen floor to the pavement in our driveway and it has not crack once. Even though the otter box can be pricey for me it was worth every penny.

  62. definitely, but thank god the phone’s usually in a case!

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