a3See Kora’s smiling, happy face up there? It wasn’t so smiley or happy the other night at midnight. She had a slight cough before she went to bed but it was nothing to even be concerned about. I gave her a few extra pillows and turned up her humidifier. I figured she’d be in for a bit of congestion this weekend, maybe a little cold.

I was wrong.

I had been in bed for a while and Dave had just come to bed when she started calling. Since Dave was still awake he went to check on her. I dozed off figuring he’d give her some cough medicine and take her temperature and was surprised when a few minutes later he was calling me.

I went into the living room and poor Kora looked horrible. Her eyes were glassy and watery. She was shivering and shaking. She couldn’t even talk. Not even a little bit and her breathing was awful.

Dave had wrapped her up in a blanket and said he called me because he was concerned because of her shaking. I took her temperature and it was 102.6. I got her some children’s Tylenol and her winter hat and bundled her up.

We spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out why she was breathing like Darth Vader and became more and more concerned as the time passed. I took her temperature every two or three minutes and asked her to try breathing through her mouth. I couldn’t believe she sounded so bad and her mouth was closed. It wasn’t typical nasal congestion.  At this point between her shaking, her breathing, and her fever, we decided it was time to take her to the emergency room.

Since we were in the middle of 3 day crazy snow storm, Dave went outside to clean off and move our truck. He also cleaned off and started the car to warm it up. It took him much longer than usual to get ready to go because of the snow and extreme cold but it turned out to be a good thing.

All of a sudden Kora stopped breathing so funny and stopped shaking. She still didn’t look very good but I was happy to see these symptoms lessen and practically disappear.

We gave her another couple of minutes and took her temperature and sure enough it came down to 99.1 and within a few minutes of that she was taking off her hat and coming out from under the blankets saying she was really hot. I took her temp again and it was down to 98.5.

She started acting like her normal self, could talk, and was even laughing a bit. Amazed, we decided not to take her to the ER and Dave ran out and turned off the car. I sat with her another 30 minutes to make sure she was ok and then put her to bed.

I fully expected her to feel pretty rough in the morning and thought we’d have a long weekend under a comforter on the couch watching movies.

To my surprise, she didn’t wake up again the rest of the night and at 9 am she was nearly her normal self! She barely had a cough and no fever at all. She was laughing, smiling, and playing. You’d never know we nearly had her in the emergency room just a few hours before.

How do kids do it? If I was that sick I’d be in bed for 3 days.

Kora & Logan always seem to bounce back from colds pretty easily and they can have a fever and we’d never know it with the amount of running around, tumbling, and dancing they do.

Kora wasn’t there the other night and that’s why I was so worried. I was happy to see her feeling better during the day however the worry returned a bit last night when around 5 pm she started running a fever, her cough picked back up, and she was teary again. I made sure she had her medicine but was a bit concerned.

If she’s has a fever or bad cough of any kind today we’ll be taking her in to the urgent care clinic but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’s better today.

What about you? Are you ever surprised at how quickly kids can rebound from a cold or play while having a fever? How do they do it do you think and when does it change so it’s harder to get over a cold or fever as an adult?