The products were provided for review. The honest opinions are our own.

Healthy Road Trip Food - SignHaving relatives in Michigan means we’ve become experienced road trippers. Even so, we are always on the lookout for healthy road trip snacks. To qualify as a road trip snack it obviously must be easy to eat. It also, must have minimal packaging, because who wants to be surrounded by excessive amounts of boxes, bags, and plastic wrap while cooped up in a car for multiple hours? And probably most important of all, it must taste good – otherwise no one’s going to eat it and we’ll all end up hungry and crabby.

Recently we were sent Stretch Island All-Natural Fruit Strips, FruitaBu Fruit Rolls, Bear Naked Granola Cookies, and Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks.

The first snacks we tried were the Stretch Island All-Natural Fruit Strips. We received a variety of flavors including: Mango Sunrise, Harvest Grape, Orchard Cherry, Autumn Apple, Ripened Raspberry, Abundant Apricot, and Summer Strawberry.

I liked the Summer Strawberry and Orchard Cherry the best. Kora & Logan loved them all. They really couldn’t pick a favorite.

Why We Like Stretch Island All-Natural Fruit Strips

We like these Fruit Strips because Kora and Logan love every flavor of the fruit strips and are excited every time they get to have them as a snack and because there are only 4 ingredients with most of them being real fruit puree. The Fruit Strips offer 1/2 a serving of fruit and there’s no added sugar. In fact, each strip only contains 9 grams of naturally occurring sugar. This makes them great road trip food because I know the kids are getting a nutritious snack and won’t be cooped up in a car battling a sugar rush.

Next we tried Fruitabu. We’ve been fans of Fruitabu for years. One Easter, when Kora & Logan were toddlers my mom introduced them to Fruitabu by putting the snacks in their Easter eggs. So whenever they have they have the chance to snack on Fruitabu they are thrilled.

Fruitabu is very similar to the Fruit Strips in texture but they come packaged rolled up. Fun!

Why We Like Fruitabu

Fruitabu offers 1 serving of all natural fruit. Like the Fruit Strips there are no additives, preservatives, or added sugar and most of the ingredients come from real fruit puree. We also like that it’s super fun road trip food that can help pass a little time unrolling each piece. And it tastes great too. I admit that I’ll snack on Fruitabu here and there and it really is delicious.

Next up was Bear Naked Soft Baked Granola Cookies. Not too long ago, Tired Mom Kelli reviewed these cookies and after reading her review I was eager to give them a try.

We tried the Double Chocolate Cookies first.

Road Trip Food Review

These cookies lived up to their name and were very chocolately. I wasn’t a huge fan but that’s not saying much because I don’t like cocoa or dark chocolate flavors and these cookies were full of both. However, I realize I’m one of a very small percentage of people who don’t like these flavors and I’m sure others will enjoy them.

Tired Dad Dave and the kids, on the other hand, loved these cookies. I know this is a road trip food review, but I have to mention that Tired Dad Dave really enjoyed heating these cookies up in the microwave for just a couple of seconds. They were warm and melty and he nearly ate the whole box before we could test them out on our road trip!

Healthy Road Trip Food - Bear Naked Granola Cookie

We also had the chance to try the Fruit & Nut Granola Cookies.

Healthy Road Trip Food - Bear Naked Granola Cookies

We flip-flopped here and while Tired Dad Dave didn’t like these as well as the Double Chocolate, the kids and I thought they were great. They were good size cookies packed with cranberries, raisins, walnuts, and almonds in every bite. I’m a late-night snacker so I enjoyed having one of these in the evening knowing it was actually pretty good for me.

Bear Naked Granola Cookie

Why We Like Bear Naked Soft Baked Granola Cookies

We liked these, well, because who doesn’t like cookies?! They are also a delicious and nutritious road trip snack. They are made with whole grain oats – with 10 whole grains per serving, they offer 100% pure & natural ingredients, there’s no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, and no trans fat. You’d think a cookie making these claims would be dry and tasteless, but we found the Bear Naked Soft Baked Granola Cookies to be be the opposite and would recommend them to anyone trying to snack healthier.

I have to admit that we were a little hesitant to try our last Healthy Road Trip Snack. While we found it intriguing we were a bit nervous to try them. We finally decided to get over our fears and be the adventurous eaters we pretend to be and gave Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks a try.

Healthy Road Trip Food - Seaweed Snacks

When I opened up the Seaweed Snacks I was surprised to find how thin they were. It felt like they could nearly float away. You can see here how thin each snack is – it allows for the box to be packed full.

Healthy Road Trip Food - Seaweed Snacks

Healthy Road Trip Food - Seaweed Snacks

When we opened the package Tired Dad Dave said the smell reminded him of sushi. I could see that. After taking a bite of the Seaweed Snacks, I decided they weren’t as bad as I had thought they might be. Tired Dad Dave took one bite and said they weren’t for him. However, I almost liked them. I tried several over a couple of days to see if they would grow on me. I have to be truthful and say that they didn’t really. I liked the concept and I can see how someone who eats this type of cuisine more frequently would enjoy them.

Why We Like Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks

While these snacks were not our favorites out of the bunch, I did like that satisfied any salt cravings I had, but were actually low in sodium. I also like that the the ingredients were very simple – Seaweed, Canola Oil, Salt, and Sesame Oil. They really are a healthy snack an I hope one day I’ll learn to like them.

The search for Healthy Road Trip Food will always go on. It’s fun to find some winners like the Stretch Island Fruit Strips, Fruitabu, and Bear Naked Soft Baked Granola Cookies and it’s always interesting to try new things like Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks. We have a number of road trips coming up and we look forward to packing our family snack bag full of nutritious treats that will not only energize us, but keep us healthy along all those miles too.