Logan has been quite wary about riding his bike without training wheels. Every time we brought it up to him, he would get nervous and say he didn’t want to. He was incredibly worried about falling. Dave started working with him a bit by raising up the training wheels. He even got him to ride a bit in the grass with the training wheels not touching the ground. But they had become a security blanket.

The other day Kora, Logan, and I were talking about him riding his bike. I mentioned how fast Kora is and asked him if he would like to go that fast. He kind of shrugged and said, “I don’t know.” Then I mentioned that all of his cousins can ride their bikes without training wheels. He perked up a bit so I jumped on it and added, “Why don’t we give it a try today and maybe you can surprise Daddy when he gets home?”

He loved the idea and we immediately went outside to get his bike before he changed his mind. In true Logan fashion, he insisted on taking the training wheels off himself.

Taking Training Wheels OffOff we went. I walked beside him and held him up as he rode around the baseball diamond at the local park.It was a bit too tight of a space though and he had to turn a lot, which was tricky. So we headed out to the tennis court which was a bigger space. He did well and was able to go a lot faster but still did a lot of turning which he was shaky at.

Then he decided he wanted to try the sidewalks. I was a bit nervous in case he fell but wanted to encourage him and his decision. It was a great idea because the straight-aways were much longer and he was able to work on balance for longer periods. We went around a few times and then all of a sudden it clicked. With Kora wildly cheering in the background yelling, “Go Logan! Good job Logan!” I let go and he was ridding away with no help. It was awesome!

After a few more times around the park he had it down enough that I was able to take a video. It’s shaky and you can hear me huffing and puffing as I run alongside but it’s super cute and I’m thrilled to have been able to capture the moment.

Isn’t that adorable? You can even hear him say, “I didn’t even fall down once!” Of course that didn’t stay true. Right at the very end a neighbor boy had come over to the park and distracted us both just enough that Logan teetered over and tipped into a fence lining the baseball diamond. He scratched his hand a tiny bit and I could see the tears brewing but he held them back excited to show his friend how well he could ride.

This was so much fun and I can’t wait to get him back out there right away so he can master tight turns. It will be so strange to have both kids riding their bikes but it will be wonderful for them to ride together too. This will be forever one of my favorite memories and I know I will treasure this afternoon for many, many years to come.