Having Fun On Holiday Break

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Kora & Logan don’t go back to school until Monday. I’m hearing from other parents on Twitter and Facebook that many children went back on Wednesday. I was surprised to hear this.

a5It’s been great having the kids home this week but I was really surprised that they didn’t get out of school until the Friday before Christmas. I had been planning to do all kinds of holiday crafts and activities with them but we ran out of time. While I love having them home now, I do wish there had been a bit of a compromise and they could have had a few days off before Christmas too.

This week though we have had fun enjoying the time off and playing  with all of the new toys, read new books, eating holiday snacks, watching kids movies, and just being silly.

a3I undecorated the house the other day. I thought Kora & Logan would love to help me undecorate as much as they enjoyed decorating. Instead I was on my own. There were too many other toys to play with, painting to do, and games to play. This actually worked out ok because I was finally able to organize my Christmas ornaments and decorations as I packed them away, something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

We’ve also been sleeping in which has been glorious! We are all a family of night owls and about 3 weeks before break Logan was looking at the school calendar and counted how many days we would get to sleep in on break. When he was done counting he excitedly told us over and over in the coming weeks that we’d get to sleep in for 16 days!

a4We’ve all enjoyed getting up at 9 am, eating breakfast at 9:30, playing with our Christmas gifts, and hanging out together on our holiday break. It’s been lots of fun and even though Dave went back to work on Wednesday, getting back to the real world on Monday will be really strange.

What about you? Are you still on holiday break? What was your favorite part about the time off?

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  1. My kids went back to school yesterday and truth be told, I was ready for the return to routine. I was always feel like the holidays go about two days too long — suddenly the two kids who played non-stop for two weeks can’t stop bickering.

    Today is my day to undecorate. It’s like packing for me. I love to pack for a trip. I hate to unpack. It just doesn’t have the same spirit.


  2. I hope the first morning back went smoothly. It was our first morning back, also. My favorite part of the break was sleeping in.

    And I love the photos. What a cute pose!

  3. Sounds fun, though I must say I have NEVER gotten the kids to sleep in until noon. They always do that thing where on weekends and holidays (non-school days) they wake up at like 6 or 6:30 with ease. Of course, they can’t do that on school days, haha!

  4. I love the new pictures on your blog, they’re beautiful! My favorite part of the break is sleeping in and playing as a family.

  5. stephanie says:

    cute pic! :)

  6. We had a good Holiday break. My kids went back to school yesterday, yeah on a Friday! I’m sure that was productive. The favorite part of our break was doing a 5K run together at 11:45 at night on New Year’s Eve. It’s an organized run they do every year. My 9 year old ran with my wife and I ran with the 6 year old, it was his first 5K. I think he’s hooked! We all received medals for finishing and the boys each got a wine glass for finishing high in their age groups. The 6 year old got a bobblehead for being the youngest finisher!

  7. Stephanie Larison says:

    My daughter is only 3 so she’s not in school just yet. Looks like yours are having a blast!! :)

  8. sounds like you have been having fun. love that they are letting you sleep in :) i homeschool my daughter so we continue like normal through the holidays for the most part.

  9. My dude isn’t in school yet so he’s ALWAYS home with me, but we have still been taking it slow the last couple of weeks. We’ve had family in town, but have been home whenever we aren’t with them instead of our usual million errands. It’s been nice. :)

  10. It’s always hard to get back into a routine! Love these picture! HAve a Happy New Year!

  11. Yep, feeling the exact same way as you are in your post! We have the exact same holiday break here in Phoenix and I also wished for a few more days off school before Christmas day. We are really loving sleeping in, too! My daughter gets dropped off at school at 7:15 am, so that is super early! Monday will be an adjustment! Keep enjoying your last few days!

  12. Sounds like you and your kids had a blast over Holiday Break! Super cute pics of the kids!! <3

  13. mine went back wednesday. they had off almost a full 2 weeks. It was enough, they were getting bored.

  14. Well since I am a SAHM I technically didn’t have a break of any kind. LOL but hubby was out for two weeks and we loved it. I got spoiled when the kids went back to school this week because he took care of everything. Next week will be rough. LOL.

  15. My favorite time was spent relaxing and having a heart to heart talk with my teenage daughter about improving. Thanks for sharing:)

  16. Funny how putting away the decorations is never as fun as putting them up, LOL! I did take a mini-break from work over the holidays, and it did me a lot of good to have some time off.

  17. Sabrina R says:

    We are still on break for a few more days! I have enjoyed sleeping in and pj’s days with the kids!

  18. I completely agree! We have been enjoying sleeping in as well. Soooo not looking forward to getting up early on Monday again. I’m just happy we had an entire two weeks this year! Last year they shorted us a day. I still need to take my Christmas stuff down. Maybe I’ll try to start doing that today. Hope you’re enjoying your New Year!

  19. We have the same break this year. I’m a teacher but our last day was the Friday before. I like having more time after but I do wish I had a bit more time before as well.

  20. I always went back to school on the day after New Year’s. (or close to it.) My kids did, too. I was amazed this week at how many kids get this whole week off, too! Sometimes, if the holiday fell on the weekend, we’d get an extra day off, because the staff still needed the holiday off during the week, but usually we are right back to school, after the holiday.

    My kids are all grown up now and on a college schedule, so they are off until the end of January.

  21. My daughter went back to school on Wednesday. I really enjoyed the holiday break except for my husband getting sick. We had made plans for New Years but had to cancel since he wasn’t feeling well. I still had a really nice New Year’s Eve though. Hubby and my two year old went to bed early but my 7yr. old daughter and I stayed up watching a movie, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. Then we watched the ball drop. I don’t get as much one on one time with her as I would like so having that girls night with her was really sweet. :)

  22. Its been great spending time with family this holiday season! Such precious times!

  23. We are starting back on Monday to the real world. Of course I am not looking forward to it!

  24. My kids got out of school the Friday before Christmas AND went back to school on the 2nd. I think our break was far too short. We didn’t hardly have time to do anything. I wanted just a few more days to play with them. It was nice not having to get up so early for the bus either. I miss that. lol.

  25. I’m totally impressed they can do handstands! I am surprised they aren’t back yet! Our area kids are!

  26. I homeschool so we dont’ get a “break” luckily my kids and I are a team!

  27. We went back on Wednesday. We got out the week before Christmas. So we had plenty of time to do our baking and crafts. I kind of think it is pointless to go back for a 3 day school week. I wish they didn’t have to go back until Monday.

  28. Adorable pictures!!!

  29. Mine go back Monday!

  30. We all went back on Wednesday, but our break started the same day as yours. I really wish we’d gotten (or been able to take) the rest of this week off!

    We just loved having the time together. Unfortunately at least one of us was sick at any given time, but it was still nice to have a longer stretch of time to do things–even routine things–as a family.

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