Kora & Logan don’t go back to school until Monday. I’m hearing from other parents on Twitter and Facebook that many children went back on Wednesday. I was surprised to hear this.

a5It’s been great having the kids home this week but I was really surprised that they didn’t get out of school until the Friday before Christmas. I had been planning to do all kinds of holiday crafts and activities with them but we ran out of time. While I love having them home now, I do wish there had been a bit of a compromise and they could have had a few days off before Christmas too.

This week though we have had fun enjoying the time off and playing  with all of the new toys, read new books, eating holiday snacks, watching kids movies, and just being silly.

a3I undecorated the house the other day. I thought Kora & Logan would love to help me undecorate as much as they enjoyed decorating. Instead I was on my own. There were too many other toys to play with, painting to do, and games to play. This actually worked out ok because I was finally able to organize my Christmas ornaments and decorations as I packed them away, something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

We’ve also been sleeping in which has been glorious! We are all a family of night owls and about 3 weeks before break Logan was looking at the school calendar and counted how many days we would get to sleep in on break. When he was done counting he excitedly told us over and over in the coming weeks that we’d get to sleep in for 16 days!

a4We’ve all enjoyed getting up at 9 am, eating breakfast at 9:30, playing with our Christmas gifts, and hanging out together on our holiday break. It’s been lots of fun and even though Dave went back to work on Wednesday, getting back to the real world on Monday will be really strange.

What about you? Are you still on holiday break? What was your favorite part about the time off?