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Happy Halloween! We hope everyone has a fantastic and fun Halloween today. Kora has the day off of school today and tomorrow for appropriately timed teacher in-service days. Logan still has school, which seems so strange. I’m looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with Kora, we don’t get enough of that lately.

Over the weekend we went to the I-X Center’s Trick or Treat Street and had a great time.

IX Center Trick or Treat StreetWe like that the event is targeted at kids 10-and-under and is billed as not-so-scary. Kora & Logan are a bit timid about ghosts, witches, zombies etc., so it was nice going in knowing we would have to worry about any of this.

IX Center Trick or Treat Street ReviewOne part of the giant hall was filled with rides. As soon as we walked through the doors, Kora and Logan were off and spinning, flying, racing, and “yee-hawing.”

IX Center Trick or Treat StreetThere was a lot to do including mini-golf…

I-X Center Trick or Treat StreetA big slide, swing, and fun houses…

IX Center Trick or Treat StreetAnd we couldn’t forget about the giant ferris wheel.

IX Center Ferris WheelIt goes right up & out of the top of the building!

I-X Center Ferris WheelLogan wanted to ride, but was a bit nervous at first.

Kora was all smiles and excited from the moment she saw the ferris wheel.

After a bit, Logan came around and loved looking for the airplanes every time we reached the top.

After our ride on the ferris wheel it was time to hit the “Street” and do some trick-or-treating. It was a cute and fun set-up with cheery volunteers passing out candy along a winding path.

Trick or Treat Street IX CenterThe kids were happy with their loot and were excited to head home and dig in.

We enjoyed the I-X Center’s Trick-or-Treat Street and would recommend it to anyone with children under 10 who love amusement parks and Halloween. It’s a wonderful combination of both, that Kora & Logan enjoyed so much I know they’ll be asking to go again next year.

What about you? What are you up to this Halloween?