We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Thanksgiving “Take 2” on Saturday where we will be eating again and celebrating with a different set of relatives.

To keep us busy until then, my mom and I will be doing a little shopping today. We aren’t die hard Black Friday shoppers though and didn’t get out at midnight last night or even bright and early this morning. We like casually shopping later in the day. We usually find some pretty good deals and the lines are so much shorter, it’s more fun for us.

In the spirit of Black Friday, I found this fun infographic filled with Black Friday facts and figures.It’s targeted toward retailers but thought it was still pertinent and fascinating. In fact, I was interested to learn we are not alone and that nearly 40% of other Black Friday shoppers prefer to shop after 10 am to avoid the crowd. Happy shopping to you whether you head out early, late, or not at all!
Infographics: Creating Black Friday Success
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey

What about you? Did you do your Black Friday shopping already? Or are you heading out later or not at all?