I don’t understand how when we start on a trip our vehicle always looks neat and organized.  Within one day it is trashed.  I have to say a lot of the mess can be contributed to Randy.  His cameras, lenses and all the other paraphernalia he uses to take his multitude of pictures never find their way bag into the camera bag. The bag he’s been using doesn’t help the problem. It is nice and roomy but it’s cumbersome to use, because it is not stiff sided and continually tips over.

That’s why I’m excited to work with Gura Gear to review the photo bag below and share my honest opinions and affiliate links. When the Gura Gear Shoulder Photo Bag arrived I couldn’t wait for Randy to try it out and see how it stacked up against all of his photography gear. I was hoping it would be a great gift for photography lovers and I’m happy to say it’s perfect!

Gura Gear Bag ReviewLooking it over we were impressed with all its features.  Starting with the detachable shoulder strap, it is padded which should make carrying it far less stressful on his shoulder.

Gura Gear Chobe Photo Bag ReviewsThe outside front has to zipped pockets. Each pocket has many different compartments that can be used for his wallet, keys, business cards, scissors, or pens and pencils. The back pocket has room enough for the iPad and photo matting. It also has room on one side for his cell phone and the other side for a water bottle.

Gura Gear Chobe Photo Bag ReviewThe inside comes with a removable insert that has plenty of room for his cameras and lenses.  The best part is that the inside can be customized for your needs.  Once the inside is removed it comes with dividers that Velcro together to design the bag to fit your needs.

Gura Gear Chobe Bag Reviews

Gura Gear Photo BagAt its expanded size it measures externally 15 x 11 x 8.5 inches. It is roomy enough for everything Randy needs to take his wonderful pictures.

The Gura Gear Chobe Photo Bag is made of sailcloth, the same material used in the America Cups race sails.  So it should hold up to the wear and tear of Randy’s photo expeditions.  If not it comes with a warranty. We are impressed with the heaviness of the zippers and the fact that not only is the shoulder strap padded, but so are the carrying handles.

Gura Gear Chobe Photo BagWhile our intention is to use this bag for Randy’s photography needs, before he retired it would have been the perfect bag for his business needs.  He could have put his laptop, client files, forms and other necessary items to conduct business in it with room to spare.

It is also the perfect size for a carry on.  A change of clothes and personal items would fit into it nicely while storing into either the overhead compartment or at under the seat.

Gura Gear Chobe Bag ReviewI can visualize so many uses for it that Randy may actually have to fight me for it!

We recommend the Gura Gear Cobe Photo Bag to anyone looking for a high-quality, durable photo bag, business case, or carry on. It’s a fantastic bag with many features that Randy is looking forward to using often over the years to come.