It’ s Kora’s 7th birthday today! I can’t believe she’s 7 already. Why does 7 seem so much older than 6?

She’s so excited! She’s been counting down the days for months. She can’t wait to go to school to celebrate with her friends. In the morning she’ll have her traditional birthday pancakes, then it’s off to school where she’s bringing snacks for her class. After school she’ll open gifts and blow out her candles. She requested a special dinner of macaroni & cheese pizza which will be yummy & then Dave & I have a special surprise planned for her.

She’s going to have a great day! A couple of people have mentioned in the past year how much her looks have changed. I think she hasn’t changed much at all, but decided to put together a collection of December photos from each year around her birthday to compare.

What do you think? Does she look the same or has she changed a lot? Either way she’ll have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to spend it with her. Happy Birthday Kora!