From the time we first moved into our house 9 years ago, I’ve never been fully satisfied with the window treatments in our living room. Our windows are original to our house, which was built in 1939. That means the windows are old, drafty, and when they’re not letting in cold in the winter, they are letting in heat in the summer.

After going through a series of different draperies, I settled on thick blackout curtains. I was excited about the dark color and the weight of the curtains because when they were pulled shut they kept out the cold air in the winter and the hot sun in the summer.

Kora had pulled up a seat to watch the snowfall one day and here you can see a good shot of the thick drapes too.

The problem was, who wants to stay in a closed up darkened room all day? The only way the curtains work is if they are closed. That meant it was always drab and dreary in here with no light shining in.

That’s why I was excited to learn about Good Housekeeping’s Custom Cordless Shade Collection.

The comprehensive, custom collection was recently launched and these shades are fantastic quality and made to last. I love the safety features of the cordless technology which eases every parent’s fear of possible entanglement. Each shade is evaluated in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute to ensure they meet and even exceed industry standards. These shades have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

When the shade arrived, Dave had it unpacked and hung in no time. He said it was simple (he hung the shade while I was away as a surprise for when I returned) and he had no problems with it. When I walked in and saw the shade, I couldn’t believe the difference it made in the room. It is gorgeous!

Good Housekeeping Shade ReviewThe Good Housekeeping Custom Cordless Shade is light-filtering which means it still lets light in but is also well insulated to keep out the cold and heat. The material is beautiful, a light brown with dark specs that give it a stylish and long-lasting look.

Good Housekeeping Custom BlindsThe shade not only is cordless and easy to open and close, but it is a top-down shade as well. This means you can pull it down from the top and leave it down on the bottom. This is perfect for our living room because in the evenings when the sun shines in so brightly we need to keep the shade closed to keep the room cool, but we can use the top-down feature to still add additional light to the room without overheating.

Custom BlindsHere’s a video I made of the shade and it’s different features. Logan was my videographer for the day and I think he did a great job helping me showcase this wonderful shade:

I love the Good Housekeeping Custom Cordless Shade so much that I told Dave the other day that it is one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed! I can’t say enough about this shade and what it has done for the look of our room. I recommend this shade to anyone who is looking for window treatments. It’s truly beautiful, functional, and durable and the safety feature of being cordless makes it family-friendly too.

Product was provided. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.