MotivationI have to admit that I’m not sure that running a giveaway on Monday mornings is the best idea for me. I love hosting the linky and seeing all of the fantastic giveaways everyone has running, but I’m not a morning person and I’m especially not a Monday morning person. That’s why I wanted to make it a motivational post too, because I know I need a little pick me up each Monday and I figured others do too. All this is good and well, except for when I forget to post the linky on Sunday nights! Whoops. Well, here it is. Have fun listing your giveaways and/or entering to win!

Not everyone may agree with today’s quote, but it rings true for Tired Dad Dave and I. As much as we’ve tried and thought it would change after we had kids and as we got older, we just aren’t morning people!

One sign of success is having breakfast at the time of day most people have lunch. – Tesa Nicolanti

I do have to let you in on a secret. The above quote was actually what I thought I read when I first came across this quote from Robert Brault: “One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.” Robert’s quote makes a lot of sense – but I like mine better! :)


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