This is a something that happened late last winter, but I was thinking about it this morning and thought I’d share.

During the winter our rec center/gym holds an Open Gym for babies through the kindergarten set. It’s a great program that helps the kids burn off energy in those cooped up winter months. They have small climbing structures, tunnels, balls, blocks, hula hoops, and other activities for the children to do when they tire of simply running around the gym.

One time when we were there, Logan was having a great time playing with those “brick” carboard blocks. Kora was off running around. Pretty soon a little girl wandered up. She was a cute little thing, about 2-years-old. Her mother was chasing after a sibling somewhere. The little girl stood for awhile and watched Logan build his towers and then chuckle when he knocked them down. Kora wasn’t playing with him so he was enjoying not getting yelled by her for knocking down her castles/towers.

I asked the little girl if she wanted to play with Logan. She just stared at me and then at Logan. Pretty soon Kora wandered over. She smiled at the little girl and stood next to her. I told Kora she could play with Logan if she wanted and she said, “No, thanks.”

Pretty soon the little girl’s brother came over. He had no qualms about jumping right in with Logan. He ran right over, waved at his sister, and plopped down next to Logan. Logan is normally a bit shy, so he gave this boy a good once over. Once the boy knocked down what Logan had built and then gave a great big belly laugh about it, Logan was all in.

They were best friends the rest of the day. Everytime anything got three blocks high, they smashed it to the ground, laughing and having a real riot. Logan just had a look on his face, like “Finally, someone gets me!”

I looked over at Kora and the little girl, who were standing shoulder to shoulder watching the chaos ensue on the gym floor. They both had a lip drawn up and were frowning as if to say, “Boys are so weird.” They never did join in, but just stood there as if questioning the sanity of their brothers until it was time to go.