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If your kids are anything like mine, they love bubbles.  If my kids had their way, I would be blowing bubbles for them to pop 24 hours a day.

When I saw that Gazillion Bubble Show was coming to town, I knew they would love to go.

Gazillion Bubble Show

As soon as we walked in the door, they had an area set up where you could have your picture taken in a bubble. They were fitting entire families in one bubble. It was amazing!

They were also selling a variety of bubble merchandise and were blowing bubbles around the display tables.

We took our seats in the lobby and the show began.  Unfortunately photos were not allowed to be taken during the show, but I did manage to capture one of the kids before the show began.

The show features Fan Yang, a Guinness World Record holder for 17 of his wonderful bubble creations.  There were big bubbles, tiny bubbles,  square bubbles and everything in between.

Gazillion Bubble Show

The bubbles were amazing and fun to watch.  I loved the end of the show when the entire theater was filled with bubbles.

Gazillion Bubble Show

There were even opportunities for some audience participation.  While the ticket prices were a bit steep, the girls loved the show and as we were leaving asked when they could go back.