Mirror photo provided. The honest opinions are our own.

We are huge fans of Gallery Direct.  They have done a wonderful job of taking Randy’s creations through the lens of his camera and recreating them into hangable works of art. In the past year we have ordered five prints from them, everything from a huge canvas wrap, to a couple of average size canvas wraps, an aluminum, and now a picture on a mirror.

Gallery Direct Mirror ReviewWe have always been pleased with both their user friendly service and their end product.  The pictures have arrived with the same density of color and clarity that we had downloaded to them.  The newest arrival on mirror is equal to everything else we have received from them.

The colors of the sailboats reflected in the mirror are amazing.  They appear as though they are a backlit.  The water is the bluest of the blue. You can even see the reflection of the sails in it.

Every time we walk into the room in which it hangs all we can say is, “Wow!”

Gallery Direct MirrorWe appreciated that the mirror came with a heavy wire, so it could be immediately hung.  The frame is sturdy and well constructed. The mirror itself is made of high quality material.

We couldn’t be more happy and will be returning again again to Gallery Direct for our photo upload and enlargement needs.

That’s why I’m excited to offer the giveaway below!