While we were on spring break last week I kept Kora & Logan busy with arts & crafts. We had lots of fun making a Spring Rag Wreath which turned out beautifully. We tried our hand at embroidery floss and starch Easter eggs but I didn’t buy the right kind of starch so they were a flop. Our final project of the break was Sharpie Kids Plates. They were lots of fun and so easy that we can’t wait to make them again.
Kids Craft Sharpie PlatesHere’s how we did it:

I went to the local dollar store and bought a pile of plain white plates for $1 each. Then I collected our Sharpies from around the house and then told Kora & Logan to have at it.

They were amazed that I was going to let them draw on plates and didn’t believe me at first. Their reactions were funny and I wish I had captured them on video! Once they realized I was serious they got into the fun of it all and started drawing and coloring away.

They both went with an Easter theme and had fun making bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs and more.

Sharpie Plates

Sharpie Plates Craft For Kids

Sharpie Plates Kids Craft

Kids Craft DIY Sharpie PlatesThe plates turned out really cute!

Kids Craft Easter Sharpie Plates

Kids Crafts DIY Sharpie PlatesWhile they were coloring I preheated the oven to 350. Once they were done, I popped the plates into the oven for 30 minutes to set the colors.

Sharpie Plates In The OvenAfter they were done cooking we were surprised to see the yellow had turned orange! Other than that all of the colors stayed true and I know I’m a bit biased but I think the plates turned out wonderfully. Kora and Logan are so proud of them and were very happy with how they turned out.

DIY Kids Sharpie PlatesThis was a fantastic and fun project and one that was so simple and affordable that we’ll be doing it again soon. I can’t wait to give it a try myself next time. I’d love to pick up a few stencils from the local craft stores and see what type of fancy designs I could make. I’ll be sure to share a post with pictures once I do so.

Kora & Logan had such a fantastic time with this and they turned out so well that we all agreed we should draw on our plates again and give them away as keepsake gifts. So if you’re a relative reading this, remember to act surprised when you open up a pretty plate designed by Kora & Logan for your birthday or other upcoming holiday!