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Kora loves Pillow Pets. She received the Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet for her birthday and puts it on top of her pillow to sleep on every night. She brings it with her on road trips and lays on it in the car and she loves playing with it as a pet too. In fact, she loves her Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet so much she named it, “Corny” (get it? because it’s a unicorn?).

So when I saw that Pillow Pets started selling the Purple Fluffy Bunny for Easter, I knew it would be the perfect Easter gift for her.

Pillow Pet Purple Fluffy Bunny Review

I told her the Easter Bunny stopped by a little early and dropped off a gift for her. She was so excited! The first thing she noticed was how soft the bunny is. The description states that it is a “super-soft chenille plush” and I have to agree, it is very soft and so cute! The long ears are just adorable.

Logan has a Pillow Pet as well. He has the Snuggly Puppy which he plays with every now and then. Since we’ve added the Fluffy Bunny Pillow Pet to the mix, Kora & Logan love using their imaginations to make up stories and adventures for their pets. It’s pretty cute! They also enjoy playing catch with them (at a safe distance) and laugh as the Fluffy Bunny’s long ears float through the air.

Here are Kora & Logan’s thoughts about the Purple Fluffy Bunny Pillow Pet:

The kids have had a great time with the Pillow Pets. The Purple Fluffy Bunny has been a wonderful and adorable addition to their Pillow Pet family. They are the perfect combination of pillow and pet and we hope to keep them around for a long time.

As you can see, we love Pillow Pets here in our house and definitely recommend the Pillow Pets Purple Fluffy Bunny to anyone looking for a cute and adorable Easter gift for the little ones in your life!