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While I was searching for Memorial Day recipes the other day, I came across a number of really creative and delicious recipes themed around the American flag which I thought would be perfect for this weekend. I put together a collection of my favorites Flag Recipes and my five favorite are below. Enjoy!

Patriotic Taco Salad

Flag Taco Salad Start off your picnic with the fun and festive taco salad from Taste of Home. It’s easy to make, just a mattering of browning the beef and layering a few simple ingredients. This recipe could be served as a delicious appetizer or main dish depending on the size of your party! For this recipe visit: Taste of Home Patriotic Taco Salad

Memorial Day Pizza

Flag Recipe Pizza Another creative Memorial Day recipe from Taste of Home is this Flag Pizza. Simply by using refrigerated pizza crust, mozzarella string cheese, and a star cookie cutter you can assemble this fantastic meal in minutes. This one is sure to impress the kids! For this recipe visit: Taste of Home Memorial Day Pizza

Angel Food Flag Cake

Flag Recipes - Angel Food Cake And now it’s on to everyone’s favorite part of a Memorial Day picnic – the desserts! This Angel Food Cake from Betty Crocker adds a fancy touch to the typical flag cake. Stripes of raspberry jam and topped with whipped topping and blueberries and your red, white, and blue dessert is ready to be served. For this recipe visit: Betty Crocker Angel Food Flag Cake

Red White & Blue Jello

Flag Recipes - Jello This recipe takes me way back to a layered jello recipe I used to make all the time growing up. It was intricate and complicated, but if you got it right, it was incredibly impressive. This Red White and Blue Jello recipe from is much easier but just as striking and perfect for a Memorial Day picnic. For this recipe visit: Red White and Blue Jello

Sugar Star & Flag Cookies

Flag Cookies This last recipe, once again from Taste of Home (they are so creative over there!), is for a wonderful sugar cookie topped with a creative but simple and patriotic design sure to be the perfect end to a wonderful picnic. For this recipe visit: Taste of Home Sugar Star & Flag Cookies

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  1. Maria Malaveci says:

    Oh I love the Taco Salad! I will have to make this soon! My kids would absolutely love it. I could also make it at work for the parties that we have.

  2. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I am going to make the taco salad tomorrow for my Olympic Kick -Off Party , Thanks!:)

  3. I love the Flag Taco Salad recipe! So festive!

  4. Terri P. says:

    Wow, these are cool! I expected to see the usual strawberries and blueberries with cool whip or something so I was quite surprised by these recipes. With the 4th of July coming up in less than 2 weeks, this post was right on target. I think I’ll try the angel food cake recipe. Thanks! (I thought the taco salad flag was especially creative!)

  5. R Hicks says:

    I liked the patriotic taco salad. I think this would be a big hit at July 4 picnic and healthy too!

  6. Trish R says:

    I am bookmarking this page! Love the patriotic taco salad!

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