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There are so many cool options on today’s cameras. One of my favorite features is the burst shot, where you take 3, 5, or 10 pictures in a second or two. Fast Camera by i4software gives you this feature . . . to an awesome extreme! Fast Camera allows you to take up to 800 high definition pictures in one minute! This puts the 10 picture burst option on our regular camera to shame.

iTunes View

As a family, we all love to take pictures. Our kids (7 and 6 years old) are on their 3rd set of cameras and everyone in the family has one, or in both our Dad’s cases – 2 or 3! Cameras are great, but not always handy, which means we rely on our iPhone for a lot of pictures as well. We had the opportunity to test out Fast Camera this weekend, I was a little intimidated with the thought of taking 800 pictures in one minute, but this app was very easy to use and very fun.

We took turns taking pictures of the kids running and jumping, doing cartwheels, and somersaults. With the Fast Camera app, I quickly racked up a couple hundred pictures and then had to figure out how to review them all. Evaluating the pictures was a breeze. Simply click the review button and you have all of your pictures on your screen as thumbnails with the option of small or large, giving you the option to have 24 or 6 pictures on your screen.

Review Large Icons

Reveiw Small Icons

All you do is select the pictures you want to keep and you can save them to your camera roll in a snap. A great feature here is all the pictures do not go directly to your picture roll on your iDevice, you have to select the ones you want and export them, which is very simple to complete.  You also have the options to export your pictures as a video, Cinemagram, change the pictures them with filters.


Export Options

There are a number of ways to customize your experience with Fast Camera, you can set your own timer speed, take manual pics, set up burst or continuous shooting, change your delay speed, different ways to organize your pictures. There are ways to make this the perfect camera app for you.

Settings and Options

Fast Camera is available to download at the iTunes Store and is a must to check out! You can use Fast Camera on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Where would you like to take 800 pictures in a row?