EZ-2 Make Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Maker and ICEE Slushy Maker

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Recently, I received the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Maker and ICEE Slushy Maker to review. When Kora and Logan saw the boxes they were beyond excited. They had gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s a couple months back for their newphew’s birthday party and had a great time, so they were more than excited to see the pizza maker box.

My kids have never had slushies before, but thought the packaging of the ICEE box was exciting too.

We decided to have a special treat and try out both items. The plan was to have pizza for lunch and slushies for dessert.
The kids absolutely loved making the pizza and it was incredibley easy.

First, we made the dough by adding water to the enclosed flour packet. We spread the mixture onto the pizza trays. Kora and Logan had a great time trying to get the dough to spread into a circle matching the tray.

I popped the dough in the microwave for a short time and then we started making the sauce. The sauce was a packet that looked like parmasean cheese which we were instructed to mix with ketchup. I thought it was odd, but my kids like ketchup so I figured it would work. After we mixed that we did add in the packet that was parmasean cheese.

So now the cheese is mixed in with the sauce and that is supposed to be the end. You’re supposed to put it back in the microwave for a short time and it’s ready to eat. I knew my kids wouldn’t go for pizza with no shredded cheese on it, so we added some before I put it back in the microwave.

The size of the pizza was perfect for toddlers.

The kids dove right in to the pizza. They love making their own food and then eating it. Kora enjoyed the first couple of bites, but Logan stopped after one – that’s not saying much though, he is in a bit of a picky phase. Kora stopped eating after a couple of bites. I was surprised because she likes pizza.
I took a bite to see how it tasted and it was way too cheesy. The addition of the cheese in the sauce with the shredded cheese on top of that. was just too much. Next time we make it I would not include the cheese in the sauce, and only do the shredded cheese.
It was a fun product, that my kids had a great time making. They still play with the Chuck E. Cheese storage center. He’s out and about in my house somewhere right now. The dishes and utensils all fit in nicely and the kids like to use him to pretend they are cooking.
Now for dessert. The ICEE Slushee Maker.
I thought this product was amazing. I’m not sure how it works, but here’s what we did. First, you put ice cubes in the bottom of the canister, then put a little metal cup on top of the ice in the canister. Next, you sprinkle some flavored powder into the little cup and add some water.

Shake, shake, shake!

When you can’t hear the ice cubes banging around anymore, you open it up and ta-da! Slushy!

I was very impressed by this. It was incredibly easy and delicious too. It would be a wonderful summertime treat.
Suggested retail for the Pizza Maker is $19.99 with refills available at $4.99 to make 4 more pizzas.
Suggested retail for the ICEE Slushy Maker is $9.99 with refills available at $5.99

No compensation was received for this review. The opinions are my own, you may have a different experience.

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  1. I was wondering even though all theother comments are from a couple yrs ago but if possible u remember the ingredients to mix these. My daughter lost the instructions and was just lookin for a lil insite. please let me know. thanx

  2. judy gardner says:

    my nephew would love the pizza maker and my niece has asked for an icee maker. i may put these on their Christmas lists!

  3. just kidding i hope they had fun:)


  5. What a great idea. I bet it makes them more excited to eat it when they get to make it.

  6. Andrea (ace1028) says:

    That looks too cute! Those mini pizzas seem so yummy and the kids look like they had a blast. Fun stuff!

  7. Naomi de la Torre says:

    What a fun day! Your kids look like they had a blast. I'm jealous. Can I come over to your house? LOL. Have a super holiday and please stop by at my bloggie for a visit sometime. (I found you on MBC!)

  8. How r are able to review these items? My kids would LOVE this!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Feeling Fit With Dana says:

    These look like a lot of fun. My niece would like them both. I'll have to check them out! Stopping by from SITS!

  10. Mmmm chuck e cheese pizza is the best!

    You commented right above me at sits today, Hi!

  11. blueviolet says:

    Really cute! But that's not all the slushee it makes at once , is it?

  12. Susan Fobes says:

    This does look like fun. I'm going to check it out…

  13. Frugal Vicki says:

    This is too awesome! I have been thinking about just one more toy for my son and one of those may be it!

  14. Looks fun! We don't have a microwave so we couldn't do the pizza making, but the Icee's would be a huge hit around here.

  15. Puget Sound Prudence says:

    Looks fun! My little one will be able to make pizzas before I know it. Am from MBC and following you now. Check me out when you get a chance!

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