Explore Space with Jetpack Journey: App Review

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Growing up, I always heard my mother use some sort of expression saying “I am going to send you to the moon (sometimes it was actually ‘kick you to the moon,” but I remember the kinder, gentler statement!). I am not sure if she said this because I liked playing with rockets and pretending, or if she literally wanted to send me to space because I was driving her crazy! I know that feeling, sometimes I wish I could send my kids to space to take a quick break . . . Now we can!

Jetpack Journeys  Takeoff!

We just had the opportunity to review the new app for your iPhone or iPad called Jetpack Journeys. Jetpack Journeys is a wonderful new app from Inkology. It was invented initially to help the creator’s son learn about space, and has turned into a great way to have all toddlers learn about the world around them.

Jetpack Journeys Characters

The perfect description is on their web page, and I love it;





Jetpack Journeys - Explore Planets

What toddler wouldn’t love every aspect of this!

The app gives you the option to choose one of 5 explorers, and you can fly around the universe, exploring the planets, landing on them, or just doing flybys and checking them out. While exploring you can collect items, visit planets, explore the planets for bonus points, build your own spaceships and learn all sorts of facts about space. My favorite part is that you get to build your own spaceship. You get to pick what pieces you wish to use to assemble it, there are 45 different pieces for 5 sections of your spaceship, so there are a ton of possibilities for your child to play with.

Jetpack Journeys - Build your own ship

After thinking about it, I have 2 favorite parts, Jetpack Journeys also appeals to the parents, the description of the game for the parents to read is set up like the intro to Star Wars, it immediately made me smile and give Jetpack Journeys some extra style points!

Jetpack Journeys - Parents Guide

This is a great app you can feel comfortable having your child play, and you don’t need to be looking over your child’s shoulder every minute, there is nothing scary, no in app purchases to be made, just good old fashioned fun!  Also, this is a great way to help improve your toddler’s hand eye coordination by having your toddler steer their spaceship around collecting and exploring space! Jetpack Journeys is available for a small price at the iTunes Store, your child will love exploring space – check it out!

If only my mom would have told me she would send me on a Jetpack Journey instead of only to the moon!

Compensation was received; the honest opinions are my own.

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  1. My son would love this!

  2. This sounds like a fun app. I like that it helps their hand eye coordination plus they just think it’s fun. Don’t tell them they might learn something.

    PS. I just say To the Moon Alice. My kids think I’m a nut.

  3. Lol – my mom said the same thing! I would always get so excited to go and then… nothing!

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