When my husband and I removed all of the carpet in our home and put down dark hardwood floors, we were in love with the new look.  However, that was before we adopted our new puppy.

The dog is now a year old and did I mention she is white? We found out quickly that white dog hair and dark wood floors do not mix!

I have spent the last year hauling around a Shop Vac to clean 1500 square feet of hardwood floors.  We’ve been using an older Bissel to vacuum the carpeted floors in the bedrooms and our area rugs.

When I had a chance to check out Eureka’s SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum with AirSpeed Technology, I couldn’t wait!

Eureka VacuumThe SuctionSeal technology is designed to prevent scattering debris while vacuuming (don’t you hate that?). The plates rise and lower as the vacuum moves across the surface which creates a seal and maximizes airflow.

The AirSpeed Technology uses two wide, smooth tubes with limited bends and turns. This allows air to pass through the vacuum creating a powerful suction.

It took about 10 minutes to snap everything together on the Eureka.  I first vacuumed my black area rug with all of the little white hairs my old vacuum would not pick up.  The rug was spotless in just a few minutes.  I love this vacuum!

EurekaNext, I turned off the roller brush in the front and vacuumed all of the hardwood floors using just the suction. It worked like a dream and has cut my cleaning time by half. I also love the auto-retracting long cord so I only need to switch outlets once or twice to vacuum the entire house.

The Eureka comes with  all surface cleaning, hand held accessories, is 20.7 lbs and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Eureka claims that this vacuum is:

“Proven to Clean Carpets Better Than Dyson DC25 and DC41 For Less Than ½ The Price*
*Based on a comparison between (a) regular MSRP of Eureka SuctionSeal™ and Dyson DC25 and DC41 vacuums as of November 2011 (b) independent lab tests using industry standard ASTM F608 test, measuring embedded dirt removal from carpeting.”

So we decided to put it to the test. My mom brought over her 2 year old Dyson and while it was not a DC25 or a DC41 we thought it would be fun to pit our vacuums against one another.

We compared the new Eureka, the Dyson and my old Bissell by pouring flour on my area rug.

Eureka SuctionSealThe Dyson and Eureka blew the old Bissell out of the water. While the Bissell left plenty of flour behind, we found that the Dyson and Eureka were very comparable in how quickly they cleaned up the entire amount of flour.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we did test against the Dyson DC25 or DC41 that we would have found the official claim to be accurate.

While I have always wanted a Dyson, but just wasn’t willing to pay that much for a vacuum, now that I have my Eureka, I’m glad I never did!