You probably read recent posts about Dave training for the Tough Mudder – a 12 mile mud run with 25 obstacles. Since training for something like this requires a lot of intense workouts, Dave’s been battling workout laundry odors.

He mentioned to me recently that he wished he had a seperate laundry bag for his gym bag where he could keep his sweaty clothes. This would help prevent his gym bag from getting smelly. That’s why I’m excited to work with Tide to receive and share our honest opinions about their Sports Bag, Laundry Bag, and Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator.

The Tide Odor-Absorbing Sports Bag is a great bag because not only does it contain the clothing but it absorbs the odors as well.

Tide Sports BagsDave also likes that it can be worn as a drawstring back pack, so if he doesn’t want to stuff it back into his gym bag, he doesn’t have to.

Tide Sports BagThis bag is great because it is offers anti-bacterial protection as well. This means it inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold on the bag itself – which is helpful when it contains wet or deeply soiled laundry or simply because the bag has been in a locker room.

The Sports Bag is so useful and nice that I can’t wait to use the Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag.

Tide Laundry BagsWhen we travel, I can’t stand piling up our dirty clothes on the floor of wherever we are staying. When I remember, I bring extra tote bags but I hate getting those dirty too. So when I saw the Tide Travel Bag, I knew it would be a solution to our problems and I love that it’s anti-bacterial too.

Tide Laundry BagThe bag folds or rolls up and can be easily tucked into the corner of a suitcase. Then when you are at your destination, simply pull it out and it’s ready to hold all of your dirty clothes. This bag does double-duty when you work out while you are away because it will not only absorb the odors of your everyday clothes, but your travel workout clothes as well.

To battle all this odor when washing the workout or travel clothes, we’ve been using Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator.

Febreze DetergentIt only takes one small capful along with your regular detergent and the odors are eliminated! Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator is professional strength and will help eliminate a variety of odors including: perspiration, pets, cooking oil,  garden soil, and more.

Since we’ve been using these products, they’ve done a great job eliminating and absorbing any and all of our laundry odors. We recommend these products to anyone who also battles sweaty gym clothes or other smelly clothing odors.