We posted this recently and I’m excited to say that Hot Wheels extended this promotion due to popular demand! I’ve updated this post with new info and I’m sharing it again so 2 Wired 2 Tired readers can have a chance to be one of the next 1,000 people to sign up and get 1,000 free points! 

As a child, I loved racing around my Hot Wheels cars, I can remember taking them through all sorts of obstacle courses, both real and imagined. The sand box would often turn into a crazy track for all of my cars to race through. As a father, it made me so happy to see both Logan and Kora really enjoy Hot Wheels cars as well. They too make up their own tracks and have extremely vivid imaginations and just enjoy their time playing with their Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels cars will always bring a smile to a child’s face, now Hot Wheels has an opportunity to bring a smile to the parent’s face as well with a way to save money and get free Hot Wheels items. We are thrilled to work with Lunchbox and Hot Wheels on this sponsored post to help promote the Hot Wheels Race Rewards campaign available only at Walmart.

Hot Wheels Race RewardsYour Hot Wheels Race Rewards page acts like an app, but is available directly through your internet browser with no download required. The page is best viewed on your mobile device. The rewards program similar to a loyalty program, the more you buy, the more options you have to save, or obtain items. If you have any questions about the site, you can refer to the into video on the main page for the Race Rewards site.

The process is easy enough, you buy any Hot Wheels Basic Car or Monster Jam products at Walmart, scan the receipt from your purchase, and earn points to be redeemed for a free Hot Wheels Collector Car! With 20 Basic Cars or 10 Monster Jam Trucks you can obtain either the “School Busted” bus, featuring a die-cast body and chassis, SpectraFlame colors and Real Rider Tires, or the Monster Jam Max-D 10th Anniversary with premium styling at a scale of 1:64th.

Hot Wheels Bus - Classic Car Reward

Hot Wheels - Monster Jam Reward Truck

As a special promotion, the first 1,000 people to sign up for the Hot Wheels Race Rewards on their smartphone starting today (August 28th) will get 1,000 free points, putting you half way to earning a free car! This means you will only need to purchase 10 Basic Cars (opposed to 20) to unlock the free Collector Car! This promotion will only be available until the next 1,000 people sign up, so it is very important to act quickly. It’s as easy as Buy, Scan, Earn!

Hot Wheels - Buy Scan Earn!