Thank you to Dunkin Donuts for providing the coffee for review. The honest opinions are my own.

I love coffee.  Everything about it.  The aroma of a newly opened can.  The sounds of it brewing.  Holding the warm cup in my hand, thinking about what I will accomplish today.

So I was very excited to receive upon my porch a box containing three bags of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Cinnamon Spice.

My first pick was Cinnamon Spice.  I opened the bag a was immediately enveloped in the smell of Cinnamon. As it brewed, the entire kitchen smelled like a cinnamon stick – heavenly.  The taste brought back memories of the Coffee Cinnamon Toast* my mother made me as a child, I made for my children, and now make for my grandchildren.

The next morning I tried the Hazelnut.  It also was very flavorful, but not my favorite of the three.

The third morning was French Vanilla.  It had a very smooth flavor with no aftertaste.  In fact, I could drink it black which doesn’t usually happen!  My husband who is strictly a no flavor, black coffee drinker even stated he would drink the French Vanilla.

I also decided to try the coffees mixed in with another brand of decaffeinated coffee and was impressed that they all kept their flavor.

I was happy to see that the Dunkin Donuts bags can be kept in room temperature, in a cool dark place.  I hate keeping coffee in the refrigerator, it takes up too much room.

Would I buy these flavors and recommend them?


* Coffee Cinnamon Toast is made by putting a teaspoon of brown sugar on a piece of toast and spread it around. Then sprinkle cinnamon on top. The next step is where our handed down recipe differs from other Cinnamon Toast recipes – we top the toast with just enough coffee to melt the sugar.  Amazing!