Tickets provided. The honest opinions are our own.

Like all little girls nowadays, Kora is more than a little obsessed with the Disney Princesses. For awhile Logan liked them too, because his sister did. But now whenever Kora says anything about the princesses he immediately starts talking about Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and even shouts out things about Mickey Mouse if Kora dares to mention Minnie.

That’s why I was excited to be given the opportunity to work with Mom Central to review Disney on Ice presents Lets Celebrate, I knew the kids would be ecstatic.

Last night we bundled up to head out for the 7 pm show. Kora and Logan are always so excited when they get to leave the house after dark. So when they found out we would be leaving after dinner to go see Mickey and friends ice skating they couldn’t stop smiling. On the 15 minute drive to The Q Arena, Logan kept asking when we would get to Disney World – he really thought we were going to Disney World, luckily he wasn’t too upset when we got there and it was still 15 degrees outside.

When we arrived at the arena, we were met with some of the most friendly staff members at an event of this nature that I’ve encountered. I had to pick-up the tickets at Will Call and the lines were a bit lengthy but moved quickly. There were a couple of staff members repeatedly explaining that entire families should not stand in line, only the person picking up the tickets could be in line. After saying this at least 30 times while I waited my turn, the employee standing near me still had a smile on his face.

Once I picked up our tickests we found our seats easily, maneuvering quickly through the hall overflowing with bright sparkling spinning toys calling out Kora and Logan’s names. The kids were good and didn’t ask for anything (until after the show). We timed it well and not long after getting settled in our seats the show started.

(Don’t mind Logan’s expressions in these photos. He was having fun, but for whatever reason thought it would be funny to make a face every time I brought out the camera and then he’d laugh. Little bugger.)

Kora was in awe from beginning to end. This was her expression for the entire two hours of the show.

And when the skaters took a break for intermission she was crushed, thinking it was over. Once it started back up again she was thrilled.

Here’s a few photos from the event:

As a family we had a great time. Even Hubby was impressed with the show and our seats.

I asked Kora what her favorite part was and she said, “Watching Belle and Cinderella because they were beautiful and I liked when Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse were together and then when they couldn’t find each other and then they did. That was so funny! And I liked the cowgirl.”

I asked Logan what he thought and he said, “When the candlestick did ice skating. I liked that favorite part and Buzz and Woody.”

If you’re in the Cleveland area and are interested in attending a show here are the remaining show visit Disney on Ice for show dates and times. Be sure to use the coupon code “MOM” when purchasing through Ticketmaster and you get four tickets for $44 for Monday-Friday matinee shows (any additional tickets are still priced at  $11), and $4 off Friday night and all weekend shows.