Have you seen the video making the rounds online and on television featuring, Arthur, the wounded war veteran and his inspiring journey regaining his health and fitness? I was fascinated by his transformation and that’s why I’m excited to work with DDP Yoga to review their workout program, and share my honest thoughts and opinion. Have you heard of DDP Yoga? Take a few minutes to watch Arthur’s video, the program was life-changing for him.

Isn’t that amazing? It is one of the most motivating and inspiring videos I’ve ever seen and as soon as I watched it I knew that I wanted to give DDP Yoga a try.

DDP Yoga ReviewsDDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page. He’s a former WCW World Champion Professional Wrestler who has spent the last 12 years developing DDP Yoga. He started it as a result of a career threatening injury. Three doctors told him his career was over. His wife suggested he try yoga and he was hooked. The only problem was he couldn’t find the intensity he needed in typical workouts. So he developed this at home hybrid program that combines yoga positions, calisthenics, dynamic resistance exercises, rehabilitation techniques, as well as active breathing exercises all with no stress on the joints.

DDPThe program is designed to stretch muscles while developing core strength, flexibility, mobility, and promote weight loss. It does all this with zero impact.

I’ve been doing DDP Yoga for the past few weeks and have to say I love it! I have done yoga videos in the past and truthfully this is now my favorite. It’s one of the best programs I’ve done and I’m impressed that all of the routines are low impact and most are 30 minutes or less.

I tried the first 4 DVD’s and was very impressed by DDP, his methods, and motivating technique. He’s very easy going, encouraging, and there’s even a bit of laughter and joking throughout too. The DVD’s are set up in a progressive way so you start with Disc 1 where he introduces the “Diamond Dozen” of moves that he always comes back to. As you go along he works in other moves throughout the routines too.

DDP Yoga DVDI also like that Arthur from the video above is in some of the workouts as well! Very inspiring!

The first two DVD’s include:

  • Diamond Dozen – a walk through of the fundamental positions
  • Energy – an energizing 20 minute work out
  • Fat Burner – a 25 minute workout for total body conditioning
  • Red Hot Core – focuses on the abs for 15 minutes
  • Below the Belt – concentrates on butt and thighs
  • Diamond Cutter – increase flexibility and a cardio workout all-in-one

The second two DVD’s include:

  • Wake Up – a great workout to wake up too, in fact part of it can be done from bed!
  • Stand Up – 30 minute workout that has you standing at all times, it’s good for those with bad knees
  • Strength Builder – 95 minute no impact workout focusing on body parts that break down first: knees, hips, shoulders, & back
  • Red Hot Core – back to the core for 15 minutes
  • Mix Tape – 30 minutes of the most challenging positions
  • Double Black Diamond – DDP’s own personal workout perfect for fanatics and those looking to sweat and get strong

I also like that the program comes with a poster of the “Diamond Dozen” positions so you can use it as a quick reference guide.

DDP Yoga PosterThe program booklet is helpful as well too. It shares inspiring stories, motivation, a workout schedule, a nutrition guide, recipes, and a food journal. If more motivation is what you need than you can check out the Success Stories tab on the DDP Yoga site or join the community forum.

DDP Yoga Workout Schedule

DDP Yoga Workout Calender

DDP Yoga Food JournalAfter trying this program I look forward to continuing on with it. I’ve also mentioned it to my parents. They both struggle with joint pain as well as back, knee, and hip issues. They tried yoga in the past but found it too difficult and the instructor a bit too flighty to take every day.

After seeing where Arthur came from in the video above and trying the program for myself, I know that this would be a great program for my parents and I recommend DDP Yoga to them and to anyone else interested in making changes to their health and fitness in a manageable and achievable way.

DDP Yoga Review