Have you ever heard that random “bump in the night” that comes from your kid’s room?  Well, we have, also we have been awoken to our daughter talking to herself in the middle of the night!  Wouldn’t you love to see what is happening in there?  The D-Link DCS-932L is a live camera that automatically switches from Day to Night Vision mode, and does a wonderful job of showing objects in a room that is pitch black, so you can see what is happening.
D-LinkThere are a couple of really cool features on this D-Link system.  The best is the night vision, on both the computer or a mobile device, the live feed shows up as a black and white picture and is amazing.  The picture is a bit grainy, but it is very impressive to be able to see what is happening in a room that is pitch black.

Another neat feature is you have the ability (after registering and getting the camera properly set up on your network) to view a live feed on your iPhone, iPad, or any Android device once you download and register the App.  The iPhone App is awesome, you are able to view the live feed in night vision, and it is very easy to use once you set everything up.

You also have the ability to set up your camera, see its line of sight on the mydlink site and set up certain “zones” where the camera will detect motion and record 6 still frame pictures that it will send to you via email – a great feature if you are using the D-Link for security, to tell when the kids come home, or to tell you when you have any deliveries if you set your camera up by the door.

All these features can be set up thru mydlink, which is the program where you can set your preferences and see the live feed of your camera.  You are actually able to control multiple camera and camera feeds via mylink.

This is an affordably priced video camera that is ideal for many uses, but it does have some minor drawbacks, but as long as you know them before hand, they may not be that big of an issue based on your intended use.  Installation was not too bad, it didn’t go as easy as you would hope, but if you are even the slight bit tech savvy, you should be able to do it pretty quickly. You need to make sure your router has a WPA option for it, and that will make installation much simpler.

I liked that the camera will send 6 still frame shots, 3 before and 3 after it senses motion.  Just be sure to set the angle and your motion “zones”  correctly if this is an important feature for you.

Overall the My D-Link Enabled Wireless Day & night Home Network Camera is great for certain uses, and to wrap up my opening story, the night vision works so well that one time when we heard our daughter in the sound machine talking to herself, we looked on my iPhone and saw her sitting up in bed having a conversation with herself.  It was pretty funny, but a little scary seeing her sitting up talking in black and white!

The product was provided. No compensation received. The honest opinions are my own and those of my family.