Has this ever happened to you?  You make a cake for a special occasion, it comes out of the oven perfectly and to save time you decide to use a commercially made frosting.  You go to spread it and pieces of the top of the cake crumble off with the frosting.  Your beautiful cake now has cake pieces mixed in with the frosting.

I have a solution for you, COOL WHIP Frosting!

I decided to make chocolate cupcakes and use COOL WHIP Chocolate Frosting. It is made with Dutch cocoa and has that deep chocolaty flavor. It is lighter in color than most chocolate frostings, but that did not hinder it’s flavor. I like that it doesn’t have that too sweet, heavy taste of many of the commercially made frostings.

Chocolate CupcakesSince it’s the holidays I decided to add mint flavoring to the frosting and was pleased that I could easily mix it right in the container. The chocolate-mint combination turned out incredible and in fact, it was so good and I could have sat and eaten spoonful after spoonful.

Choocolate Cupcakes Cool Whip FrostingEven though this frosting is a new item I was able to find to easily in the freezer section of our grocery store, right next to regular COOL WHIP. The three flavors available are Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cream Cheese. Since the frosting is so easy to stir, you can mix in other flavorings and develop unique combinations easily on your own such a cherry in chocolate, cherry in vanilla, or strawberry in either, just to name a couple.