Tesa gave me a CD of Celtic Woman a couple of years ago and I, along with millions of others fell in love with their music.  So I was excited to receive their new CD & DVD to share my honest opinions and affiliate links. This Believe Live tour CD & DVD reminded me why I fell in love with Celtic Woman in the first place.

Celtic Woman BelieveThe three singers and a violinist, with backup orchestra, produce some of the most beautiful, uplifting and toe tapping music I have ever heard.

Celtic WomanMairead Nesbitt is the fiddle player.  She was the former all Ireland fiddle champion and was the lead fiddler in Lord of the Dance.  Lisa Lambe is an Irish actress and vocalist. Chloe Agnew joined the ensemble in 2004 at the age of 15. Lisa Kelly was in the American production of Riverdance and sang If You Believe in Disney’s Tinkerbell.

The Celtic Woman group was formed in 2004 as a one night event as a singing answer to Riverdance, but the response was overwhelming and they became a worldwide sensation.

Click here to listen to a stream of “Teir Abdhaile Riu.”

The DVD is amazing.  The enthusiasm and energy they put into their concert is unbelievable. If you want a feel good album, an album where the songs play over and over in your head, this is for you.