Cedar Point Halloweekends Review

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to Cedar Point for their Halloweekends event. The family friendly festivities looked like fun and Kora & Logan were really excited and couldn’t wait to put on their Halloween costumes and wear them to the park.

Cedar Point HalloweenWe were excited to see Cedar Point decorated for Halloween. There were a lot of creative displays and one of my favorites was the old ride graveyard.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Old Ride Graveyard

Cedar Point Halloweekends Sky Ride

Took this with my phone & used an Instagram filter. I love the added spooky effect.

There was also an animatronic gigantic ogre who nosily snored the day away but then every two minutes or so he would wake up, stand up, and give a frightenly appropriate orgre-like speech that was perfect for the Halloween theme throughout the park.

Cedar Point Halloweekends OgreThere were lots of decorations around the park that stood out and others were more subtle.

Cedar Point Halloweekends DecorationsWhile waiting for the Peanuts Halloween kids costume contest to start at 2 pm Kora & Logan rode a few rides in Kiddie Kingdom.

Cedar Point Halloweekends KidsThen we went over to the Magical House on Boo Hill where there was a monster mash going on.

Cedar Point Magical House on Boo HillThere was also a fun hay maze.

Cedar Point Hay MazeAnd the Peanuts gang put on a show before the costume contest.

Cedar Point PeanutsIt started to sprinkle and the kids started to get hungry so we headed off to CJ’s Provisions for caramel apples, hot cider, and pumpkin cookies.

Cedar Point Caramel ApplesAfter our snacks, Kora & her cousin really wanted to ride the Iron Dragon. Kora had ridden it last year and unfortunately ended up in tears. She thought it was too fast and too tall and she didn’t like the feeling of flying out of her seat. So I was surprised she wanted to ride it this year but was also glad she did.

They went to get in line and out of nowhere it started hailing!

We ran for cover under the roof of a nearby restaurant. It rained and it poured.

Cedar Point RainoutAnd it rained some more. And all the rides shut down.

Cedar Point RainIt finally let up enough that we were able to head over to the Dodge ‘Em bumper cars. The kids had a blast bumping into one another and others. It was a great way to get out of the rain and to have some real amusement park fun.

Cedar Point Dodge 'EmAfter a couple of rounds on the bumper cars we were about to head back to the Iron Dragon when we saw the Halloweekends parade, the Monster Midway Invasion Celebration, go by. We headed over to watch. It was a really cute parade with the Peanuts gang, fun floats, and a very cool animatronic rock monster.

Cedar Point Halloweekends ParadeSince the sun was actually trying to shine at this time we went back over to the Iron Dragon. The line was a little longer than usual because the parade had just ended and the other bigger rides weren’t running yet. But it wasn’t a long wait before Kora, her cousin, Dave, and his mom were all buckled in.

The were around the track before we knew it and they were all smiles and waves from the first car!

Cedar Point Iron DragonKora came off the ride skipping and so excited. She loved it and wanted to do it again!

While we would have loved to let them ride again it was getting late and the kids had school the next day. So we rode the Sky Ride out and Kora & her cousin rode Ocean Motion one last time while Logan sat it out. He decided to ride the carousel instead.

Cedar Point Ocean MotionOn our way out we picked up some cute plush Pirate Snoopy’s that the kids love. They’ve played with them non-stop since getting home and they couldn’t be a cuter reminder of our fun trip to Cedar Point’s Halloweekends.

Tickets, food, and toys were provided. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own and those of my family.

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  1. Mmm, the caramel apple looks like a great snack for the day! See you in the park for some great eats for 2014!

  2. This place looks like so much fun I want to go! We don’t have a place like this where I live you are lucky looks like a blast.

  3. Olivia Rubin says:

    From other photos I have seen, your children are getting taller and more mature! Any back to review…I think one of the main things I miss about living up north, now in Florida, is weekends like this. Here the pumpkin picking is usually at a church or small field where pumpkins are the same you can find at the grocery store. They don’t have true fall events like this :(. Love the peanuts show. Seems like a great family weekend

  4. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I worked there way back in the day when I was in college for the summer. I never did get to participate in the Halloweekend’s because I always had to leave. I did however get to go as a parent and it was so fun for the whole family.

  5. It will soon be time for all of these Fall activities to be starting up! Absolutely my favorite time of year:)

  6. Looks like you had a super time~ What memories

  7. Christopher Sorel says:

    sure wish to take kids there but too expensive

  8. Ellen B says:

    I love the fall – great pictures

  9. Maralea says:

    How fun~! I love Halloween festivities!

  10. Thanks for the review and pics – I love Halloween and will have to add this to my list of places to visit

  11. How fun is that! I didn’t know about the halloweekends. Will have to put on our list for the coming years.

  12. Wow! the setup at the theme park is amazing and it’s neat to see them go all out like that. The caramel don’t look too bad themselves ;) lol

  13. Even in the rain, they looked like they were having fun!!

  14. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Looks Like A Blast !:)

  15. Love your outfits! Gorgeous smile as always.

    • Thanks! The kids were excited to dress up. When we got there they couldn’t wait for the costume contest but the rain put a wrench in it. It was fun though to see them dressed up so happy to be there though.

  16. That looks like a really fun day!

  17. Wow, we have a Cedar Point here in Utah but it has NOTHING like this, I’m jealous. EXCELLENT photos. Thanks for the post. I’ll write this down as a place to visit during Halloween for sure.

  18. My kids would love that! I wish we has something like that close by!

  19. oh my word Tesa, those pictures are AMAZING! I love the shot of them huddled in their jackets. The smiles couldn’t be any bigger!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked the pictures. I got a new camera recently and it’s made a world of difference. It was a cloudy, rainy day and I was happy these came out as well as they did. The kids had a blast, they love Cedar Point and are always smiling when we are there.

  20. Looks like it was a fun time! We’re actually thinking of going for Halloweekend sometime in October but not sure whether to just bring our 7 year old or include the younger kids also (4 and 3 year old). We’re up in Michigan too so a bit of a long drive. Looks like they do have quite a bit for the kids to do though.

    • The park itself really has so much to offer little kids. There are 3 kids lands that have so many rides for little ones that you could really stay all day and we have! It wasn’t until the end of last year that our kids were big enough for the larger rides so we would spend all our time in the kids lands and just had so much fun. The lines are much shorter there too. Our kids almost never had to wait and if they did, it was 10 minutes at the most. I highly recommend a trip down if you can get there especially for Halloweekends. We all loved the parade and the Peanuts show was fun and the decorations and fall treats were so neat!

  21. Glad the rain let up so you could enjoy your day! Looks like fun!

  22. How fun – so fun and festive for fall! I remember these outings as a kid!

  23. Oj, I love Halloween at theme parks! Looks like such a fun time (besides the rain)!

  24. Thomas Murphy says:

    wow that place looks awesome, I want to go!

  25. This looks fun (aside from the rain). Wish I was closer – I love Halloween!

  26. They really do it up good! looks like a lot of fun

  27. I’m so upset I missed this, we were all looking forward to heading to Cedar Point. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

    • I’m bummed you didn’t get to come either and that we didn’t get to meet. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon and your daughter’s foot is healing quickly.

  28. Trasina McGahey says:

    That looks like TONS of fun! The apple looks pretty darn good too!

  29. The rain interruption kinda stinks, but you still got to do a lot and they really had it decked out in such a fun way! May I share your caramel dipped apples please?

    • Yep, the rain did put a small damper on everything but when you’re in Northeast Ohio (as you probably know) this time of year you kind of have to expect it. It was a wonderful event and visit overall and we were really glad to have the chance to attend. The kids had a fantastic time and the caramel apples were delicious. I’d be happy to share but they were gone in minutes!

  30. Wow that looks like fun! I am so jealous, wish we could go there, I know my son would absolutely love it! I also really love that Instagram pic you took, perfect!

    • It was fun and hopefully you get to visit someday with your son, it really is a great amusement park. Thanks for the compliments on the pic, I was pretty proud of it! :)

  31. Wow- looks like such a fun day with your family. Fantastic pics of the park and events!

  32. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun (except for the rain that is!). We have Scareowinds here and I can’t wait to go this year!

  33. SO much fun for you! i love love love your daughter’s witch headband…

    i didn’t know they had snoopy and friends at cedar point. i’m not big on thrill rides b ut i LOVE peanuts!

  34. Besides the rain/hail, it looks like you all had a fantastic time! I think my girls would love the Peanuts show and the parade (and so would I!)

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