Product provided for review. The honest opinions are my own.

I just took the Brother P-Touch Electronic Labeling System Challenge.  They requested that I use the labels in unique ways to see if they would withstand extreme conditions or use them in ways not normally considered.

On every Thanksgiving as part of our family tradition, the grandchildren make ornament to decorate our tree.  We have always struggled with ways to identify whose was whose.  Not this year. We printed out labels using the Brother P-Touch PT 1290 Labeler with each of their names.  Punched a hole in them and attached them by ribbon to the ornaments.  No more hearing, “That one’s mine. No it’s mine!”


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas OrnamentI used it to identify items in my freezer, with the date.  No more guessing what it is or how long it has been there.

Now for the extreme.  I hung a label outside on my bird feeder.  The feeder was wet when I hung it.  Two days later, even through rain and snow, the label is still sticking and can be clearly read.

I put a label in the bottom of the bathtub.  Through a couple of showers and even a bath it stuck and the printing was clear.

A label was placed in my kitchen sink.  I scrubbed it with comet and it still stuck and was legible. Then I got worried.  What if it wouldn’t come off?  It sticks through the scrubbing, but peels off easily.

I saved the best use for last.  My mother was in rehab and I needed to mark her clothes.  I bought a fabric marker, made specifically for this purpose.  Some of the clothes I used the fabric marker and others I wrapped a label with her name on it around the care tag.  After several washings and dryings, the fabric marker faded, but the label stayed intact and the printing is as clear as the day I put it on!  It could be peeled off, if necessary but stuck through everything else.

The Brother P-Touch PT1290 was easy to use.  The directions were clear and unlike many things you buy today, they were all included with the packaging.  I didn’t have to go on-line to look anything up.

If you need a way to label anything, especially clothes, for your kids, your parents our yourself, this is a great solution.