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Brooke Burke The Naked MomIt seems like every celebrity mommy has written a book all about being a mommy and “balancing it all”. Frankly, I’ve never been that interested in reading those books because I don’t have a trainer, chef, team of nannies, housekeepers, drivers, and assistants to help me balance it all. However, when I received The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom’s Fearless Revelations,Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflectionsby Brooke Burke, I was excited to start reading it.

Brooke Burke, mother of four and host of Dancing With The Stars, seems to be a bit more down to earth than some celebrity moms in my opinion.

I was preparing myself for a book full of rainbows and sunshine, with advice to “take time for me” and beauty tips, but this book surprised me. She does share some easy beauty tips and suggests how Moms can squeeze a minute or two into the day for ourselves, even if it is just the 5 minutes in the car alone on the way home from dropping the kids off at school or the sitter – which Brooke actually does herself!

I really enjoyed how brutally honest she is when discussing when her marriage was on the brink of divorce, being close to financial ruin, the challenges of raising children on your own when your spouse is away for work (which we can 100% relate to at my house!), and how relationships with ourselves and our spouses change once little ones come into our lives. It makes me feel better about myself as a Mommy that even celebrities struggle with getting their kids to sleep in their beds alone all night long.

Brooke Burke The Naked Mom Book Review

One thing I learned from The Naked Mom was that Brooke Burke runs a website called Not only does is she a co-founder of the site, she actually participates in the discussions.

In her book she mentions that she posted late one night when she was attempting to sleep train her baby and she just couldn’t handle the crying anymore. The comments of encouragement started pouring in from other parents that had been there and survived. She speaks about how parenting and motherhood in the age of technology, blogging and social media is an incredible tool and how those connections we make can help us keep our sanity some days.

In our crazy life with me traveling two to three days a week for work and my husband spinning his 500 plates in the air, we really do rely on our “tribe” of family and friends to keep us all in one piece also.

I really enjoyed reading The Naked Mom and I’m addicted to “Mommy Blogs” and have added to my daily list. Brooke Burke shares it all with her readers, the good, the bad, the oh my goodness – that even happens to celebrities moments, but most importantly something we can all relate to, her love of her family.