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I find it amazing how much the blogging world has changed in the last 5 years. So many people turn to blogs for news, opinions, experiences, research, reviews and everything else you can think of. It is so easy to find a recipe on one of your favorite go to recipe blogs, check out some travel tips and ideas on another blog, or get wine recommendations from wine blogs. It seems like everything is at the tip of our fingers.

With all this information at our disposal, what we don’t realize is that there is a ton of information available on the topics that we love, but it’s in a different language! We tend to forget (at least I do) that there are other languages and many other worldly viewpoints which unless you can read multiple other languages are inaccessible to us. Well not anymore . . . we recently had the chance to check out and with that we now have access to a wealth of additional information from all across the globe!

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Webflakes features posts from top bloggers all around the world translated into English. Step aside language barriers, because a group of volunteer translators are bringing you all the latest buzz in the fields of travel, fashion, food, wine and more from top bloggers from countries such as France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Peru . . . with many more coming all the time.

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We love to experiment with recipes and different foods. We really enjoy Spanish foods and there is a wealth of information out there, but we now have the opportunity to check out a recipe straight from a blog in Spain, we now have the ability to see truly traditional recipes. For example, ‘How to Make an Authentic Paella” we can see the original way to cook this dish, versus the Americanized way (which is still very good).

                                                             Webflakes turns this (courtesy

Webflakes - Paella - Spain


                                                             Into this

Webflakes Paella


There are many reasons to use Webflakes, such as;

Planning on a trip to another country? Sure, you do all your research about where to go, where to stay, but let’s say you are traveling to Italy. Now you can easily read lifestyle blogs from Italy even if you don’t read Italian. I think it’s awesome to read about the local customs before going there.  Sure doing the ‘tourist’ thing is great, but imagine being able to find out about some location ‘off the beaten path’ and you can have an opportunity to see the real country you are visiting, and not just the tourist version.

Let’s say wine is something you are truly passionate about. There are many well versed wine enthusiasts whose writings are in English, but if you are looking for material on your favorite Bordeaux wines and the region, getting that information directly from a leading French blogger right in the region is invaluable!

There are so many other things that are great about Webflakes that you have to check it out yourself, the site is free for you to use. Additionaly, Webflakes makes a donation to one of many global charities for every article that is translated by their community of volunteer translators.

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I am gonna start dreaming about my next vacation by checking out the travel section, what will you look for on Webflakes?