Bob Evans Family Meals To Go – Thanksgiving’s in the Bag!

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Did you know that Bob Evans offers Family Meals To Go? You can easily feed a family of 4 for $20 and have leftovers!

When we were packing up to go to the Bob Evans Farm Festival we were crunched for time the Friday before we left. With no time to plan or make dinner we decided to try out the Bob Evans Family Meal To Go.

We ordered the Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, and Pumpkin Bread, so we were excited to try that as well. The food came in 2 large bags and one small one. Kora & Logan were amazed at the amount of food we brought home. While we were setting up the table they thought it would be fun to play in bags (why do we ever buy these kids toys?!).

After working up an appetite playing, the kids were excited to sit down to our “Thanksgiving” meal – at least that’s what Kora & Logan kept calling it because it reminded them of Thanksgiving. With turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, pumpkin bread, and even a beautiful pumpkin pie, it definitely could have been!

The meal was amazing! We all enjoyed it so much that Tired Dad Dave and I agreed that if we ever wanted to order a carry out meal on or around Thanksgiving, we would order this Family Meal To Go again. The turkey was juicy, the dressing was flavorful, the mashed potatoes and gravy were so tasty, and we couldn’t get enough of the pumpkin bread and pie.

The Bob Evans Family Meals To Go come with many options. You choose from 10 entrees including:

  • Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing
  • Turkey Bacon Cheddar Pasta
  • Grilled or Fried Chicken
  • Pot Roast Stroganoff
  • Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad
  • Meat Loaf
  • and more!

Then you choose a side:

  • Homestyle Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
  • Golden-Brown Home Fries
  • Bread & Celery Dressing
  • Garden Vegetables
  • Buttered Sweet Corn
  • Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw
  • and more!

You also get to choose either fresh biscuits, dinner rolls, or the seasonally available pumpkin bread. And we recommend purchasing a pie separately for dessert. Yum!

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to gather the family around the dinner table without slaving over the stove before or doing a lot of dishes after – Thanksgiving or not, we can’t say enough good things about Bob Evans Family Meals To Go.

Thank you to Bob Evans for providing the meal for review. No compensation was received. The opinions are mine and my family’s.

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  1. susan skare says:

    I’d like to order thanksgiving dinner to go while we are at the Chula Vista hotel in Wisconsin Dells. I would need dinner for 6 people. Is this available in Wisconsin Dells and how do I order it. Coupons would be wonderful!!

  2. Love to cook but too tired. Will do it on Thanksgiving!!

  3. gloria reeves says:

    We have ordered the turkey and dressing and picked it up at store, it was hot enough when we brought it home(we live close by) and we had enough for 2 separate dinners with left overs-we are an empty nest couple. The food was like home made, it was a treat for me not to have to cook dinner.

    We are ordering the “farmhouse feast” for out Thanksgiving dinner, I am sure our guest will enjoy this meal. Yum Yum. The food is a good quality and tasty.


  4. love this so easy I have often had to work on holidays and special occasions in the past would be so nice to have a feast ready to go to celebrate with the rest of the family

  5. When I was pregnant with my first, I stopped by Bob Evans at least 3x a week to get their ham steak dinner. I guess it was a craving, plus they were on my way home from work. :)

  6. This looks good. I wish these dinners were available near me.

  7. Deanna G. says:

    Looks sooo yummy! What a great deal,too :)

  8. That is really cool! And looks so yummy!! thanks for sharing!

  9. We have one just down the street from us (we live near The Opry!) so we go all the time. They have awesome dinner in general. They have this cherry bread that is incredible. You can buy it by the loaf…sometimes we’ll give cherry and banana bread from there as gifts, especially when they have their buy one, get one free specials.

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