Recently I had the chance to attend the BJ’s Wholesale Club Holiday Preview Luncheon. It was  fun event where I had the chance to see some of the fantastic products BJ’s is offering for the holidays, meet some of their friendly and informed employees, and mingle with local bloggers.

BJ's Wholesale Club FeatureThe first thing we did was take a tour of the store. I was impressed by the number of holiday items they have available and at such great prices. Here’s a few of my favorites that I can’t wait to purchase for ourselves or someone else, add to our wish list, or bring along with us to the many holiday parties we have planned this year.

BJ's Holiday

BJ's Ribbon

BJ's Holiday Cards

BJ's Christmas

BJ's Skylanders

BJ's LeapFrog

BJ's Gift Cards

BJ's Method Products

BJ's Ninja

BJ's Crockpot

BJ's Cookbooks

BJ's Tapas

BJ's Bread

BJ's Pie

BJs Cakes

BJ's Christmas CookiesAfter our tour we went up to the employee break room to find a table festively decorated and a nice spread of cheese & crackers, appetizers, and mini-desserts.

BJ's LuncheonWe enjoyed chatting and munching on the goodies and learning a bit more about BJ’s Wholesale Club.

BJ's Holiday LuncheonOne of the things pointed out to us was the rack of coupons right by the front door. This is fantastic because while I try my best to be a coupon clipper, honestly my biggest downfall is that once I clip the coupons, I always forget to bring them. BJ’s has this problem solved for me. I can walk in the door look over the rack and select the coupons or booklets that suit that particular shopping trip.

I was thrilled to see that today there was a coupon for a free Butterball turkey with the purchase of 4 of any of the items listed. What an amazing deal!

BJ's Butterball TurkeyWhile we were chatting I also learned that the butcher at BJ’s will take your rack of ribs and portion it appropriately for you. That way once you get it home you don’t have to cook it all at once or figure out how to wrap up what you didn’t use.

Also, I was interested to learn that while BJ’s normally offers a 60-day free membership trial if you live in Ohio you are eligible for a free 90-day membership trial! It’s a great opportunity to get in and check out the store especially during the holiday shopping season.

BJ's Membership CardsOnce I got home I was excited to open up my goodie bag and see some of the holiday items that had been pointed out on the tour.

BJ's GiftsI was especially excited for the Salted Caramel Bark. If you haven’t had it yet, it’s incredible and my new favorite holiday treat. The sweet and salty combination is out of this world!

I was also excited to thumb through the catalogs and coupon books. There are many great deals inside and I’m looking forward to handing Kora & Logan the toy book with markers so they can circle items they want to add to their wish lists.

BJ's CouponsI had a great time at the BJ’s Wholesale Club Holiday Preview Luncheon and now I’m really in the mood for the holidays! I can’t wait to head back soon and buy more of the Salted Caramel Bark as well as some items for holiday gifts and parties.

What about you? Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Products and gift card provided. No compensation received. The honest opinions are my own.