Best. Story. Ever.

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Being that I’ve been terribly sick for the last few days I thought today was the perfect day for a post from the past. Here’s one of my favorites that makes me smile every time. I originally wrote it on March 4th, 2009.

The worst part about being a mom is all the stuff you forget. Pregnancy brain never goes away. I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight and she reminded me of a story I thought I would never forget. It only happened a week ago and I’d already forgotten it. So I’m writing it down to share and to make sure I never forget it again.

One morning last week Kora and Logan were coloring at the dining room table.

Kora decided she wanted a different coloring book so she went to the bottom drawer of the buffet, which has been taken over by all things to do with scribbling, drawing, or coloring.

She said she was looking for her kitty coloring book and started pulling books out and yelling that she couldn’t find it. I told her to keep looking. She gave up right away per usual and came into the living room to enlist my help.

I’ve been trying to get her out of this phase of giving up so quickly when she is looking for something so I kept encouraging her to go back in and look for it herself.

She was having none of it.

Meanwhile, Logan climbed down off his chair and went over to the drawer and started saying, “Ditty, ditty…” as he threw books out all over the floor.

Kora was still in the living room pouting when Logan started calling her. “Ohrah, Ohrah. Here Ohrah. Ditty.”

At first she thought he had found the book for himself and started to get mad, but I said excitedly, “Kora, Logan found your kitty book for you! Isn’t that nice of him?”

She ran into the dining room and Logan held the book out, “Ohrah, here, Ohrah. Ditty.” She took the book with a huge smile, wrapped her arm around his neck (shoulders) and gave him a huge hug and said, “Thanks, Logan. You’re my hero.”

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  1. What a wonderful story!

  2. What a sweet, sweet story! Toddlers have such big hearts!

  3. Sonya Morris says:

    Such cute and sweet little ones!

  4. Your kids are seriously the cutest! I hope they always stay close friends.

  5. Michelle Tucker says:

    Awww…I see why that’s the best story! I love it! Now keep that so when they are teenagers and ready to bite each other’s heads off, they’ll remember how much they love each other. (not to say that your kiddos would be like that, I’m just generalizing teens, :) )

  6. What a sweet story! I love blasts from the past like this. Hope you feel better.

  7. Love.

  8. Awww, this is such a sweet story! Love that last picture, it’s adorable!

  9. Awww that is so sweet! Put a smile on my face!

  10. ellen beck says:

    Kids are amazing really- they do things like this that make you smile-

    Goodness they have grown!

  11. Wanda McHenry says:

    Oh for gosh sakes, that is an adorable story! That put a huge smile on my face! :D

  12. saminder gumer says:

    that is such a good story. what a great pic too. i love it when kids get along.

  13. Jennifer Marie says:

    awww…you’re my hero….cutest phrase yet!

  14. Oh my gosh. Sweetest story ever!

  15. cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. How cute is that? What a precious memory!

  17. That is so cute. I love when siblings say things like this. It makes you forget all the times they fight about nonsense. They are so cute in this picture. :)

  18. sandra davis says:

    that is so sweet. my boys fight most of the time but they do have their sweet moments.

  19. awww, how sweet!!!

  20. What a cute story! Thanks for sharing

  21. Aaaw!!!!! That’s soo sweet I love moments like this

  22. Cute story! I love those days when the kids are wonderful to each other. It almost balances out the days of chaos.

  23. Hi T′esa, I just found your post. Very cute! I have 2 young grandsons and although they have their moments, they also help each other out and are best buddies! I am enjoying your site!

  24. Love those moments, TY for sharing, helps put a smile on our faces & triggers memories of our own.

  25. Awwww! That is so sweet! Kids have such big hearts!!!

  26. Love this picture! I also have a little boy & lil girl who are only 14 months apart & both preschoolers! I would love to hear my little girl call her bro her hero! Super sweet! Amanda :)

  27. Awww, that is SO CUTE! I have two boys that fight quite a bit and it’s so nice to find them loving on each other on that rare occasion. Sweet!

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