Before We Had Kids

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We have no pets now. Not one. Honestly, even after over a year of having no pets, it’s still so strange. At one point, before we had kids, we had a cocker spaniel, a chocolate lab, a lab mix, and a cat! I can’t imagine what our pet food bills were like and hardly remember what it was like not to be able to go anywhere without finding someone to watch the animals. I do miss them all though and it’s got me thinking….

What about you? Do you have any pets? If so, how many?

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  1. Right now, we have our six kids and our five coton de tulear. If you have never heard of a coton de tulear, don’t worry as many haven’t. A coton de tulear is a medium size dog that has its origins in Madagascar. They are related to the bichon frise and look relatively similar.

  2. We have a black lab who is the equivalent of me with four paws: enjoys lounging in the living room, sleeping, and eating. She’s like my soul mate :)

  3. We have two dogs. A weimaraner and a black lab/border collie mix. They are a handful to say the least. I love having dogs, and I’ve always had one so I can’t imagine what it would be like to come home and not be greeted by a wet nose. However, its an awful pain always having to find someone to watch them. We’ve encountered a lot of trouble with that and its so expensive to board them. We will unlikely ever have two dogs again (unless perhaps when our kids are grown and gone). My husband doesn’t want to have ANY dogs again, but he’s never going to win that argument =)

  4. MsGoody2Shoes says:

    My question…….. M

    Will you ever get pets again?

  5. We had 2 cats when my daughter was born 2 years ago. We had to part ways with one of them because he and the other cat just never could get along. Now that cat lives with my mom and gets the attention he needed.

    So now we have just one cat. She’s 9 years old and we’ve had her since she was 4. We love her dearly, but when she does die, I don’t think we’ll replace her. Of course, by that point, our daughter will probably be at the age where she REALLY wants a pet, so we’ll see.

  6. We have 2 dogs. We’ve always had dogs. I can’t imagine our family without one. They add so much cost to the destruction. Kids + dogs = having your own zoo.

  7. do we have pets oh my gosh yes we do I have worked at petsmart and petco so yeah we have pets lol I have two dogs laine and valentine a cat fatboy aka draven
    two turtles a bearded dragon named draco we used to have an oscar he was huge and three other fish tanks a leopard gecko a rat named azazel a snake a dumpys tree frog named buddha i think thats everything

  8. We have a 2 cats, 4 dogs, 1 cockatiel (who loves to whistle at women), about 10 goldfishes, and my brother has a salt water fish tank. We might have to take in my sisters toy poodle so that will bring us to 5 dogs and that’s all that we can handle.

  9. We only have one – a dwarf hamster named Cutie. She’s been in our family for 6 months now after my daughter petitioned for her for a LONG time. I’m still saying no to the dog petition…not til we get a house with a bigger yard.

  10. I have a few pets :)
    I have a cockatiel his name is Wilby (he’s 23 years old and mean)(only likes men?) but I love him & take care of him. His owner died and he was given to me because, he’s mean mean mean lol, na, they knew I would love and take care of him that’s why they brought him to me, one of these days he will learn he’s safe and loved and all that mean will go away.
    I also have a Blue Fronted Amazon, her name is Jacy and she’s 3 years old(she’s in my google pic) I got her when she was an egg, lol no kidding before she was even hatched she was mine, Now she is My Baby!! I love her so much! such a good friend.
    I also have a German Shepherd, her name is Lady Jill, she’s 4 years old (her pic is on my twitter pic)she’s my baby girl and my best friend, she’s my shadow!
    and then there is JAC, He’s a chow chow, a big Red Ball of fur, he was given to me as a gift, he’s 9 years old, and he is also one of my very best friends. He’s lives outside and guards out house.
    and there is Jerry, a white cat about 10 years old that we only see once in a blue moon… he’s stays outside hunting all the time, every now and then he will show up to eat, and then he’s gone again… him & Jill are bestest friends
    I love all of them so Much!, they keep me busy cleaning and feeding and bathing them, but the love they return makes it well worth every minute. Lot’s of Love in this house!

  11. We have always had animals. In the last 2 years we have put down a 17 yr old cat that had helped me thru so many things in my life and w german shephards Katie who was 10 and 7 yr old Leo. It is very strange not to have pets and the kids are bugging me all the time for one. But this is the first time in 47 years that I haven’t had to clean up after, feed or walk a 4 legged friend and yes I miss it but right now I am ok with not having one…for now.

  12. We have a beagle, a bunny rabbit and about 35 or so fish. Aquariums are my husband’s hobby so we have 4 tanks now (plus at least 2 that we’re not using). The bunny was our first pet together. And the beagle we have always wanted and got at a silent auction last year. We didn’t win the silent auction but the people who did win decided they couldn’t take him and gave him to us. He’s a cutie but boy does he like to bark. ;)

  13. I have two cats. Our oldest is 12 years old. It is going to break our hearts when he is gone. He is the coolest cat ever. Everyone who comes over just loves him. Our other one is 5. She is my baby. I am having baby blues so talking about getting a puppy as I do not want anymore children.

  14. We have a dog & a hermit crab. I’m glad we have the dog, though. I know two little boys that are deathly afraid of dogs & one of them won’t even come to my house to play with my son because of it. Our dog is super duper friendly & he’s little (a Bichon), but whenever my son wants to play with his friend – he has to go to his house. Such is life I guess. I’m just glad my kids are ok around dogs.

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