Thank you to Beecology for providing the products for review. The honest opinions are our own.

I hate to say this, but did you ever come home from running errands and you step into your house and smell the air and wondered- “Yuck! How long has the house smelled like garbage, bacon, etc!? And I didn’t even notice!” Then you start opening windows and spraying air freshener and taking the garbage out trying to clear the air!. Well, I have to tell you I came home to a wonderful honey lavender smell and no one could figure out where it was coming from! I kept sniffing for part of the day until I figured out what it was! A new package had arrived and had been sitting on the bench in our entryway and the great smell was coming from there! I was pleased to cut open the box and check it out.

Beecology had sent us some products to sample! The company boasts “All Natural Hair Shampoo and Conditioners, Bath and Body Wash, Handmade Bar Soap & Skincare Products from Our Family to Yours” and describes itself as bringing “the best of nature to you in our complete line of sulfate-free and paraben-free products for your skin, hair, and lips. Our SLS-free shampoo and conditioner, beeswax lip balm, honey hand and body cream, and natural bar soap let you pamper yourself from head to toe the healthy way”.

I have long been a fan of Burt’s Bees so I was thrilled to try new stuff.

Beecology sent a generous three bars of soap. Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint Soap, Dead Sea Mud Soap, and Honey & Lavender Soap.

My favorite is the Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint Soap.

I have to tell you that my husband didn’t like the looks of it in a bar and refused to use it- but after trying it I am glad he won’t use it because I don’t want to share! The soap smells so good I want to secretly bite it just to taste it! The smell is amazing- only the name can describe it. Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint Soap!

I work night shift so after a nap I shower in the afternoon and the peppermint wakes me right up and gives a cool refreshing pep to my step. The oatmeal is more finely ground than my other exfoliating oatmeal soaps and exfoliates just right with the winter dry skin. The honey smells delicious! The soap left me clean, invigorated, and refreshed with a light clean scent.

The Honey & Lavender Soap was a close second because I love the smell of lavender.

This soap was just perfect when I didn’t want to exfoliate (or eat!) the Honey Oatmeal Peppermint soap!

Next, we tried the Dead Sea Mud Soap.

The label said the Dead Sea Mud Soap was good for eczema, which my daughter has- so we tried it and even she (at 5-years-old!) liked it!

We enjoyed trying all of the Beecology soaps but I personally adore and strongly recommend the Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint soap! And at $5.99 a bar it is reasonably priced!

Beecology also sent Buzz Balm “Super Sting” Peppermint Lip Balm.

I was hesitant to try the lip balm because it was colorless and I am a lipstick fanatic. It was really moisturizing and had that peppermint cold zing to it! It was really refreshing! My 7-year-old son even asked me if I had it in my pocket for him to use while we were out shopping.

Beecology also sent me two small samples of their Original Honey Hand & Body Cream.

This cream was described as having “Shea butter, along with olive oil and honey to ensure that this cream smoothes, softens, alleviates redness and moisturizes like no other.” I am a nurse and I wash my hands constantly. With the dry winter weather sometimes my hands crack they get so dry! Every drop of lotion gets soaked up at our house. This lotion was wonderful and not too greasy, but I have to say that it smelled strongly of olive oil to me. I took the sample to work and all the nurses LOVED it! One even begged me to let her keep it!

Beecology is a local Cleveland company and has natural products, that increases its’ stock in my book! The company was thoughtful enough to send 3 bars of soap, 2 lotions, and a lip balm and although I liked all the products, I have to say that the lip balm and the Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint soaps were my favorites! I am going to order bars of the Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint as stocking stuffers for all the people on my “good list!”