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My kids have entered the silly stage. They are now old enough to get jokes and love telling them when they can. Here’s an example:

Logan: “Hey, Mom! Look under there!”

Me: “Under where?”

Logan: “Ha ha! You said underwear!”

Then Kora tries to catch us with the same joke minutes later. It’s a pretty funny stage and has had us all laughing a lot the last few months.

That’s why I am excited for April Fool’s Day this year. I been browsing online looking for some cute light-hearted pranks to play on the kids. There are so many ideas out  there that it’s been fun checking them all out and imagining Kora & Logan’s reactions. I decided to put together a collection of my favorite April Fools pranks for kids and share them here.

12 April Fool's Day Pranks For KidsIt will be fun to see which of these pranks goes over well with the kids and which has them laughing themselves silly.

Ketchup & Mustard Prank from All For The Boys

Frozen Cereal from Parenting.com

Gelled Juice fromSpoonful.com

April Fool’s Day Mouse Hole from Spoonful.com

A Pan Of Brown-E’s from Mrs. Goff’ s Kinders

Candy In A Fruit Can fromCome Together Kids

Solid Milk from Marthastewart.com

Cute Hamburger Cupcakes from Yummly.com

Shrunken Breakfast from Marthastewart.com

Turn Your House Upside Down from Kids Activities Blog

Donald’s Dizzying Maze from Spoonful.com

Drawer Confusion from Marthastewart.com

Aren’t these great? I can’t wait to play a couple of these kids pranks on Kora & Logan and to see their reaction. I know they would think it was hilarious if their cereal was frozen or if their juice wouldn’t come out of the glass. I do have to keep in mind however that whatever pranks I play on them this year are sure to come back at me two-fold next year! It could be interesting and I better remember to be prepared!

What about you? Do you play April Fools pranks on the kids in your life?

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