As a tech blogger, I love my apps. Honestly, I’ve often wondered how I ever managed to get anything done before the era of smartphones! There are apps for everything these days and it can get overwhelming. That’s why when I find an app that stands out I enjoy telling others about it. That’s why I’m excited about our new App of the Week feature here at 2 Wired 2 Tired and I’m happy to start it off with a review of a fantastic flight search app.

Sky Scanner

I recently discovered the Sky Scanner app. I downloaded it because the tagline drew me in, “All flights, everywhere!” It enables you to search millions of flights on over 1,000 airlines. The reviews sealed the deal. There were testimonials from passengers and even an airline pilot who used it to book difficult to find flights for great prices. Sky Scanner is more than your typical flight search app.

Sky ScannerI love it because while you can enter your departing and arriving airport and input your travel dates like a typical travel app, it’s wonderful for flexible travel search. You can use the location setting on the app and it will find your nearest airport or you can set it for a specific departing airport. Then you can have it search all flights everywhere.

Sky Scanner

It will then separate flights into categories by country. Click either the country you want to travel to or, as I like to do, the cheapest flight. Next it will display flights flying out of your airport in order of cheapest to pricey.

Sky Scanner Flight SearchIt’s fun to use especially when you have the itch to travel but aren’t sure where you want to go and the budget’s tight. Sky Scanner makes it easy to see where the cheapest flights are flying to and when.

Sky Scanner Search ResultsI also I love this app because after you click on a flight, you can use the flexible search to easily scroll through the timeline and find the cheapest flight to your destination.

Sky Scanner Flight AppYou can then use the filter to sort by Stops, Duration, Times, and Airline.

Sky Scanner FilterYou can also sort the flights listed by Price, Departure Take-Off, Departure Landing, Return Take-Off, Return Landing, Airline, and Duration.

Sky Scanner Flight SearchThe Sky Scanner app is perfect for not only the travel day dreamer but also for when you need to buckle down and find a flight right away. It’s my new favorite flight search app and I can’t wait to use it to book our next trip!

What about you? What app do you enjoy using to find deals on flights?