Amaya’s Christmas APPreciation: Puzzles and Drawings Apps for Christmas

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As you may know, our kids really our love iPad. Amaya, a developer of apps for your iDevices and Android, has a couple of extra presents in their Christmas stocking for children and parents as well this year. We are sharing a few of our favorites below. These and many other apps from Amaya are free at the App Store.

Santa’s Xmas Jigsaws: Holiday Gift 

Amaya Holiday Jigsaw Santa’s Xmas Jigsaws is a puzzle game made for the little ones to enjoy. This app offers 12 puzzles consisting of 6 pieces that have the cutest Christmas themed pictures. You select your puzzle and touch and drag the pieces into place. This is a little young for our 7 and 5 year old, but even with it being a little easy for them, it’s the perfect combination of app and puzzle for them and is just so fun and festive!

Amaya Drawing Lessons: Holiday Gift 

Amaya Drawing Holiday Gift The Amaya Drawing Lessons: Holiday Gift app is consists of 20 options for drawing on your tablet. All 20 pictures are Christmas or winter themed and you are walked through step by step as you draw your picture. This is very easy to follow along, and I have to brag, my first attempt turned out pretty good! You are able do your initial drawing and then color everything in and even add items in the background of your picture. This was a fun experience and definitely put our family in the Christmas spirit while we were drawing and spending time together.

Amaya Drawing for Kids: Holiday Gift 

Amaya Drawing Kids Drawing for Kids is a child’s version (or for the artistically challenged like myself!) of the Drawing lessons listed above. This consists of 16 drawings, any of which will get you in the Christmas spirit. The drawing is more of a “tracing” and is easier to follow along. Again, once you draw your creation, you are able to color in the background and enjoy the your new work of art! Kora & Logan love to draw and both these apps are sure to become two of their favorites.

Amaya has come up with some really fun apps to help build your anticipation for Christmas, check these out at the app store and give them a try!

No products were provided. Compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. Jerry Lafferty says:

    I just love all of these apps for kids, its a great way to get them started learning.

  2. Gayle Watkins says:

    I think my grandkids would like these. They enjoy the ipad too.

  3. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Looks Like Fun! Perfect For Winter Break Activities.

  4. I love the puzzle!!! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks like a fun way for the little ones to while away some of their ‘anticipation’ time! Neat app!

  6. I may have to show these apps to the kids, I think they would enjoy it!

  7. Betty Baez says:

    my little one loves putting together puzzles on my ipad definitely downloading the xmas one he’ll love it!

  8. My 9 year old would love the drawing lessons one.

  9. This looks like a cute app for the kids.

  10. fun app!

  11. These are so cute. I know these would have been a hit in our house back in the day. I need a couple more little ones I think :)

  12. Looks so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing these great apps. I really like the Jigsaw that has just 6 pieces… great for even little guys. :)

  14. ellen beck says:

    I really like both drawing apps. The 2nd would be great for younger children and the 1st for a bit older. Both would be a lot of fun, and keep kids creative!

  15. Cute apps! Love the puzzle one!

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