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It is interesting to think back to the evolution of the “bottled water” consumption in my household. For awhile there, I was purchasing case after case of spring water, mostly due to the convenience of having the bottles on hand.  Then, I moved on to buying flavored waters.  And most recently, I have been on the kick of buying waters with actual vitamins and nutrients.  I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins in pill form, so I feel that there is at least a better benefit to having them already in my drinks since I will be drinking anyways.

What I didn’t realize is the vitamins in the premixed waters lose their “power” after they have been sitting there in the water on the store shelves.  Activate Drinks has the solution to make sure I am hydrated and getting the most out of the vitamins that my body needs.Activate Vitamin WaterWith the Activate Waters, the vitamins are held in the plastic cap and the consumer twists the cap to release the vitamins into the water.  This ensures that the vitamins are at their full nutrients when they are ingested.

There are eight different flavors of the Activate Drinks; fruit punch, orange, berry, lemon lime, grape, passion fruit, lime and pink grapefruit.  The drinks come in five types on vitamin mixtures; vitamin, immunity, antioxidant, energy, and workout.

One day last week when it was near 100 degrees Tired Dad Paul had to cut the grass. Since it seems like it had rained without ceasing for weeks, it was quite a chore.  When he walked in the house, he seemed like he had worked harder on that chore than on some of his most recent intense workouts.  I had Activate Workout chilling in the fridge and pulled it out for him to try.

With just three easy steps Tired Dad Paul was on his was to being refreshed and his body was being nourished with the vitamins it needed after its physical exertion on such a hot day.

  1. Twist the cap to release the vitamins.
  2. Shake the bottle to mix the vitamins and the water.
  3. Drink it up.

Activate Vitamin Water Review

What I Love About Activate Drinks:

  • Fresh dose of vitamins.
  • Only a few calories.  Immunity has 5 calories.
  • Eight different flavors.
  • Five types of vitamin mixes for whatever your body needs.
  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia.