The products were provided for review. The honest opinions are my own and that of my family.

We love art projects. So when 3M ScotchBlue Painters Tape came to us with an idea guide suggesting we paint tiger and even zebra print and we couldn’t resist! The directions said to chose an object to paint and paint your background color, then apply the Scotch brand 3M blue painters tape pattern.

Scotchblue Tape Review

Since we were using paper, I substituted and got some posterboard to paint so that we could make art for out-of-state loved ones! I cut the posterboard in quarters and we taped the paper to our kitchen table!

We used the very sticky tape to make the designs we wanted!

Art Project IdeaHere is Avery showing you how to make a zebra stencil with the tape!

We designed what we wanted and used razor blade knives to carefully cut or score off what we wanted to paint. In essence we were creating our own stencils! Here is Grant showing you how to peel off the tape on a PacMan design he was working on.

Here are our art project befores and afters!

Art Project IdeaKids Art Project IdeaKids Painting Project IdeaKids Art ProjectsKids Art Project IdeaArt Project Ideas

What We Loved About 3M ScotchBlue Painters Tape:

  • Very sticky – sticky enough not to let wet paint seep through where you don’t want paint
  • Gentle enough to be stuck onto other painted surfaces without lifting old paint off
  • Can be torn with fingers or cut with scissors
  • Left very crisp detailed lines
  • Allowed us to be creative to design our own stencils and execute new designs
  • Peeling off the blue tape was really fun!
  • Grant and Avery liked playing with the scrap tape rolled into sticky tacky balls after the project was over
  • Clean up was a breeze
  • We didn’t have to touch anything up with paint
  • Lots of cool project guides and ideas that left me wanting to paint more!