2013 Ford Escape Review

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For the past couple of weeks we’ve had the chance to test drive the 2013 Ford Escape. We were really excited about this opportunity because our SUV is on its last legs and we will soon be in the market to replace it. Driving the Escape for an extended period allowed us to see how it would fit into our family on a daily basis and whether it would be the right car for us.

When it arrived, I was immediately smitten. It’s a beautiful shade of blue – my favorite color!

Ford EscapeIt’s a nice size and isn’t overly large or difficult to handle but at the same time has lots of room for a family of four. The space in the backseat is nice. We like that the kids have plenty of leg room and aren’t kicking us all the time.

Ford Escape BackseatWe also like that the backseat has it’s own air vents. It’s difficult to keep the front and back seats acclimated with just one set of vents in the front, so this is a wonderful feature.

Ford Escape Back SeatThe trunk is huge. This picture below is it packed with camping chairs. We drove it out to the Warrior Dash and our parents and the kids needed places to sit to cheer us on while we ran through the mud. With all the trunk space the Escape would be a wonderful road trip vehicle and we wouldn’t feel on top of each other or have to pack things in at the kids’ feet.

Ford Escape TrunkI love the controls in the steering wheel. It makes it so much easier to tune the radio, scroll through the satellite stations, set the cruise control, or use the Bluetooth functions.

Ford Escape ReviewThe display screen in the console is favorite as well. It’s very large and easy to see. The navigation is clear and crisp and the touch screen makes it simple to input your destination and to follow the on screen directions.

Ford Escape NavigationThe ability to connect our phones through Bluetooth is so convenient as well. In just a few steps our phones were connected and whenever a call came in we could answer it and talk through the Escape’s speakers. It’s easy to access the info on our phones too, we can see battery life, signal strength, contact list, and more all through the display screen without having to pick up our phones.

Ford Escape Bluetooth

“Steve’s Phone” came already set up. We don’t know Steve.

We also liked the climate controls on the display. It’s very convenient and the touch screen makes it simple to set the heat, air, temperature, or fan just where you need it most.

Ford Escape Climate ControlOther features that we really enjoy include the outlets inside the center console and the plug in the base of the same console. All of these options make it possible to keep all of our devices charged and we never have to worry about that dreaded “Low Battery” warning.

Ford Escape Console

Ford Escape OutletThe size of the vents in the front is nice too. They really cool us down or heat us up quick.

Ford Escape VentThere were a few things we thought could be improved with this model of the Escape. They are minor, but if fixed would make the vehicle even better.

The seat belt buckles in the backseat are so far down into the seat that Kora and Logan, who have been buckling their own seat belts for a year or two now, can’t get the seat belt to click in properly. I also thought the lack of a trunk button on the keyfob was bothersome. If my hands are full it’s nice to use the keyfob instead of having to juggle and balance everything to push the button on the trunk to open and close it. I also didn’t like that there was no dial to scroll through the Sirius satellite radio stations. We have to push a button down to click through each station. If we are in the hundreds and want to get back down to one of the low numbers it takes forever.

Overall we have enjoyed our time with 2013 Ford Escape and while a model up would probably be better suited for us, we are adding it to our list of top five favorites. It’s a wonderful vehicle with lots of space, that’s easy to drive, and the various models offer plenty of options to please everyone.

The vehicle was provided for review. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own and those of my family.

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  1. I think you can just swipe your foot under the bumper and back liftgate will open. Very handy when your hands are full.

  2. This car looks so nice! I would like to get one

  3. Great information!

  4. Tami Vollenweider says:

    We are already a Ford Family! I love the color and also the huge trunk!

  5. That looks really roomy. My van is a 2005 and has nowhere near all the new fancy features on new cars. It’s fun to see what they all have in them now-a-days! Love that blue too.

  6. april yedinak says:

    What a cute little car! I love that it has bluetooth.

  7. Arthur Caudill says:

    Very roomy and a great color.

  8. Gerardo Zamora says:

    for a small suv, it has more space than i thought

  9. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I LOve That Color And Have Always Had A Great Experience With Ford !:)

  10. Shannon Morris says:

    Great review

  11. SUV’s sure have come a long way, with almost the same bells and whistles as luxury cars. Thanks for your honest review – it really helps to know the pros and cons.

  12. I love the GPS in this vehicle!

  13. We recently drove a new American made vehicle after driving 13 year old ones for over a decade. The leap in quality is amazing, impressive. But American!

  14. I love it and I want it!

  15. Richard Hicks says:

    This is such a nice vehicle! Love the electronics and from the looks it is quite spacious.

    I want one!

  16. Jennifer Marie says:

    wow what great storage room!

  17. Great review. I love seeing all the features a new car has.

  18. Love this and looks roomier than I thought they were!

  19. If they send you enough cars to test maybe they’ll forget to come pick one up someday.

  20. I like the controls on the steering wheel as well. The less we have to look away from the road to do anything, the better. That makes the bluetooth feature yet another plus for me!

  21. Betty Baez says:

    We where considering a used for escape 2008 a couple years ago, I love this newer version!

  22. We have been looking at new SUV’s as well… and the Escape is one under consideration.

    How was the gas mileage for you, and did this one have 4 or AWD, or just front wheel? I do realize you may mot have been able to test it… but curious if it was there. ;)

    Thanks for this review. :)

  23. If we weren’t thinking about one more kid, I would love this vehicle!!

  24. I love the colors and all of the features! It looks like a lot roomier than older Escapes I have been in!

  25. You know I love my Ford Mustang <3 but it's getting near that time where we will have to part ways. It's already difficult to tow a baby around in it! I love all the features included in the escape, I think it will be on my list to check out. I also love that BLUE!

  26. I am such a gadget girl. I love that I could charge all my devices while on the road!

  27. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This looks like exactly the car for me–smallish, but roomy inside. And, Wow!–the luxuries!

  28. Looks like this car has all the bells and whistles. Love how spacious it is! But I’m not sure I could live without a trunk button on the key fob. Our car trunk automatically opens and I couldn’t imagine not having that!

  29. That blue is beautiful! It looks rather spacious, so that is a plus. No dial on the radio would be a pain having to go through stations. Overall looks wonderful

  30. What a wonderful review and thanks for sharing. :)

  31. How awesome to get to review a Ford. This one looks great, spacious! :)

  32. Trasina McGahey says:

    I love the color! The seatbelt thing would really be a pain in the butt though. And that is something I would never notice until it was too late!

  33. I love how spacious it is! So convenient to haul stuff around in. Love the built-in GPS & bluetooth, too.

  34. Looks really nice! I love the color

  35. Love the separate air vents in back. That’s the one disappointment we have with our current vehicle – it’s tough to keep the AC flowing in the backseat.

  36. How much fun is this to get to drive a new car? I love the color and all the features.

  37. I would love that color blue, too! It’s definitely a stand-out, fun color for a car! I love the amount of space the Escape has in the back, and the seats look roomy, too. Thanks for your thorough review!!

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