2 Under 2: Best Friends or Worst Enemies?

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Before I start this post I’m knocking on wood big time and keeping my fingers crossed too, just in case.

I know one of the main concerns of parents expecting two children under the age of 2 is whether they will resent each other or not.

We have been so lucky in this regard. While I will say that the first year to two years of raising kids 14 months apart was extremely difficult, it was for different reasons. Kora was never jealous, thankfully. Even when I was ill and in the hospital so often after Logan’s birth, she never showed any signs of acting out or resentment towards me or Logan.  We struggled more with the logistics of having two children close in age while I recovered from a major illness and while Tired Dad Dave worked to get his own business off the ground.

As far as Kora & Logan and their relationship goes, they’ve loved each other from the  start. As soon as Logan could recognize people he enjoyed watching Kora and her antics for hours on end. It really pushed him to get moving early too. Kora absolutely loved having a doting younger brother and would often stop what she was doing to give him a big hug or kiss.

As the kids have gotten older, I find their relationship incredible. They spend all day together and create the most imaginative games – even with their food at the dinner table. Sometimes when I try to jump in and play with them they look at me like I’m from another planet.

They are temporarily sharing a room because of an air conditioning issue in our house, so bedtime has turned into an extension of playtime. It takes them forever to get to sleep nowadays because they just keep playing. After telling them to go to sleep for the 10th time recently, Tired Dad Dave and I got talking and wondered how they could possibly want to be around each other after spending all day together. I know if I was spent that amount of time with another person every day, I would go crazy!

Kora & Logan do enjoy playing with others too and they love preschool. They are both very excited for school to start again and while I love that they enjoy each other’s company so much, I’m happy they will get more opportunities to play with others too.

So we are in the camp of 2 Under 2 – Best Friends (for now anyway!).

What about you? Do your children get along, do they fight a lot, or are they somewhere in between?

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  1. Shaunna W says:

    I work at a preschool and laugh that it’s exactly what you said; some days worst enemies, some day, best friends! Hahaha!!

  2. That is wonderful. My kids are 5 years apart, but my brother and I were only 10.5 months apart and were best friends as kids. Not so much as we got older. I hope yours continue to be best friends!!!

  3. Michael Dobbs says:

    My 2 under two (aged 2 and 8 months) are surprisingly close! My wild 2 year old is NEVER jealous, and extremely careful with her sissy (except when she’s trying to love on her and unknowingly smothering her with her shoulders)

  4. I have twins who have a love hat relationship. There are day that they play beautifully and days when they just keep getting on each other’s nerves.

  5. this whole subject is a mystery to me. I had first two 19 months apart and while they were GREAT friends and playmates then, they are not close now. (one is boy, the other girl). they lost much of common activity in tween n teens so that was so sad. My other kids (of 6) are almost all 5 years apart except for the last two being 2 1/2 years apart. the girls could not relate being 5 years apart or more, but now as they are a tween, teen, twentysomething and thirty, they are ALL good friends and giggle like preschoolers. The two boys are close due to common interests but are FIFTEEN years apart at 14 and almost 29. So, keep them close by having them share at least ONE common interest and make them be supportive of each other’s sports and other things. The mistake I made was not pushing that, and now regret it. It is so sweet to see your two enjoying each other like this! Brings back such great memories!

  6. I love those pictures. My older 2 are 15 months apart and they are the best of friends. . .most of the time. :)

  7. Awwww…that is too sweet. Ours are 1 day shy of 2 years apart, and they have their moments of best friends and worst enemies. Usually, the enemies when one takes something from the other.

  8. How great is it that your kid are such best friends?! That will likely last them the rest of their lives.

    My kids are 2.5 years apart and are usually friends, but have their issues as well. Mostly with the 4 yr old getting mad at the 2 yr old for taking her toys…but I think they’ll be best buds before long!

  9. My kids can get along beautifully at times, and then moments later they are at each others throats. Up and down, down and up. Glad your two are such good friends!

  10. your kids do get along incredibly well. It seems like they’re twins!

  11. You are lukcy! I always thought kids close in age would fight more- I was about two years apart from two of my sisters and boy did we fight (plus lots of jealosy.) My kids are three and a half years apart and get along great 98.8% of the time. Maybe its the boy/girl thing? I think most brothers and sisters get along but having two of the same gender maybe where the fighting comes from.

    • Glad to hear your children get along great most of the time.

      I wonder if it is a brother and sister thing too. I’ve heard those with two boys under two have it a bit rougher. My sister and I were 2 years apart and we got along really well and still do. So I think it all may be the luck of the draw as well.

  12. Mostly best friends but they do get tired of each other after a while, especially in the long summer days. Then the fighting starts. Usually I just send them to their rooms and they can’t stand to be apart in separate rooms, so it cures them of fighting.

    • Mine two can’t stand to be apart either unless it’s for school. If one is in trouble for bothering/hitting the other one the kid who was bothered or hit is quick to forgive just so they can play together again as soon as possible.

  13. Good to know. Tyler will be 32 months older than his sibling next year, so we’re hoping they’ll be BFFs.

    • I hope they will be BFF’s too! It’s wonderful when they get along but it’s good to be prepared too in case they don’t.

      Congrats by the way!

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