17 Delicious Candy Corn Inspired RecipesWith Halloween right around the corner it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking sweets. One of the most popular treats this time of year is candy corn. Did you know candy corn has been around since the 1880’s? Wunderlee became the first company to product the candy and in 1900 the Geolitz Candy Company started to produce it and still does today as the Jelly Belly Candy Company. More than 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced each year.

The National Confectioner’s Association conducted a survey in 2013 that found 46.8% of people eat the entire piece of candy corn at once. 42.7% eat the narrow white end first while 10.6% start with the wider yellow end.

October 30th is National Candy Corn Day and a fantastic way to celebrate this sweet treat is with these delicious candy corn inspired recipes from around the web. There are some unique and creative recipes that are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party or as a fun family treat.

1.) Candy Corn Cocktail Shooters | The Slow Roasted Italian

2.) Candy Corn Cupcakes | Gal on a Mission

3.) Candy Corn Marshmallows | Made to Be a Momma

4.) Candy Corn Peppermint Patties | Haniela’s

5.) Candy Corn Ice Cream | We Are Not Martha

6.) Candy Corn Whoopie Pies | The Happier Homemaker

7.) Candy Corn Pretzel Fudge | Lil’ Luna

8.) White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondie | This Mama Loves

9.) Candy Corn Cones | Hungry Happenings

10.) Homemade Candy Corn | Girly Obsessions

11.) Candy Corn Bark Cupcakes | As the Bunny Hops

12.) Candy Corn “PayDay” Mix | Nancy Creative

13.) Candy Corn PayDay Cookies | Shugary Sweets

14.) White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies | Cupcake Diaries

15.) Candy Corn Oreo Cheesecake | Lemon Tree Dwelling

16.) Candy Corn Sugar Cookies | The Other Side of Fifty

17.) Candy Corn Cereal Snack Mix | Yummy. Healthy. Easy

Don’t those sound delicious? Which will you try first?