Summer Smiles

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This summer has flown by. We’ve had a great time playing outside as much as we can. It’s been really wonderful having Yoshi to run around the yard with and to throw tennis balls for. Seeing her ears flapping in the wind always makes us laugh! The other day Yoshi and Kora were having fun […]

Jabra Rox Wireless Headset Review & Giveaway

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You may have read here on the blog recently that Dave and I have been training for a mud run. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’ve been looking forward to it. We both set a goal to get more active over the past few weeks in order to get in shape […]

We’re Building A Boxtroll For The #BuildABoxtrollSweeps

The Boxtrolls Featured

Kora is the crafty one of the family. In fact, she even started a crafting for kids blog to share her passion. That’s why I was excited to get the opportunity to work with The Boxtrolls where we learned about their exciting #BuildABoxtrollSweeps. It was something I knew she’d be thrilled about. The Grand Prize […]

Seeing Cam High Def Wifi Video Monitoring Camera Review

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When Kora & Logan were babies we had heard of video baby monitors but they were far outside our price range so we relied on the audio monitors. They were great and let us know if the kids ever needed us, however they had one major downfall. Every time the kids made a pip or […]

TheraPearl Flexible Hot & Cold Packs Review

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As a family we are pretty active. We are all always running around outside doing one sport or another and in fact we have a family mud run coming up soon. All this activity is fun but on occasion it can lead to aches, pains, bumps, and bruises. We’ve always found ice packs and heat […]

Do You Want a Smart Home? Take the First Step With MyQ

Chamberline MyQ

Smart phones are all the rage and I love everything you can do with them. You can do the obvious, like email, internet, use it as a planner, pay bills and many more things. One of the most intriguing and growing aspects of using your smart phone is how it can integrate with your home […]

Dining Al Fresco With Our 2 in 1 This Summer

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This summer has been a fun one. We purchased a new patio set at the end of spring and were really excited to use it. Many years ago when we bought our house, the previous owners gave us their picnic table. We loved it and used it often, however it was old and it wasn’t […]

Top 5 Reasons To Take a Break With “The Secret Society”

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As a busy mom, my day is full of all sorts of things, wake the kids up, work, school, work, soccer, work, email, bedtime, reading to the kids, and more work. My day is packed, but it’s great when I have a couple minutes of downtime (not often enough) and can enjoy a couple of […]

Introducing Your Children To Credit Cards

Discover it Chrome for Students - Featured

We recently had the kids start back to school, 3rd and 2nd grade; the years really are flying by quickly. There are many lessons we have taught Kora and Logan, and there are many more to go. As a member of the Discover Preferred Blogger Program, I wanted to share with you a lesson that […]

Need A Fun Puzzle Game For Your iPhone? Try Panda PandaMonium

Pandamonium - featured

Who doesn’t like pandas? I love pandas, they are just so cool looking, fuzzy and strong. Would you like to see a panda get eaten by mean dragons?  . . .  Well, me neither of course. For that reason I was excited to have a chance to review the latest gaming app release from Big […]

Make Your Pictures and Memories Last With Journalways

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Times have changed so much over the years, now-a-days we all have a camera on us nearly every second of every day. We use that camera to check our email, surf the internet, and maybe make an occasional phone call as well. Of course I am talking about our phones, specifically, our iPhones. We recently […]

SOL Republic Changes How Wireless Speakers Are Used – Giveaway $130 Value

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I really enjoy having the ability to play pretty much any song I want to hear on my phone. This is great for all occasions, especially when we are outside as a family hanging out, either for a larger get together or a smaller more intimate gathering. Sometimes Tired Mom Tésa will try to steal […]